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nick timslucky17
country United Kingdom
languages English, Spanish


BA Degree Philosophy University of Birmingham, U.K.

CELTA: Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults.

International House Buenos Aires: Cambridge English Examinations Teacher Training.

Starting in 2009, I gave general and business English lessons to groups and individuals in Argentina, working for a prestigious language school. This included personal coaching for several company directors in two multi-nationals based in the city.  

In 2011 I began giving online English classes, and since leaving Argentina in 2012 I have focused on this complelely. Over the past 6 years I've developed a speaking focus approach to online classes, and am now a highly proficient online ESL teacher.

I'm an expert on the Cambridge English examinations, primarily the FCE and IELTS, and have completed Cambridge English Examinations Training.

Experience: 8 years

About me

Hi, I’m Tim, I’m a British English teacher and I have more than 8 years experience teaching English.

I began teaching in 2009, in Argentina. I love language teaching and learning, I speak Spanish fluently and I’m learning Thai.

Language teaching is fascinating, and I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to help people learn more effectively.

I specialise in helping adults to learn and in particular helping students at an intermediate level, reach an advanced level.

I’ve been teaching students online since 2012. Most of my online students really want to focus on speaking, but also need some help with grammar. For most of you the main aim is to improve speaking fluency, and help you activate your English vocabulary so that you have more confidence when speaking or presenting in English.

That’s why my teaching style  aims to get you speaking and using English as much as possible. There is always a lot of discussion, interaction, and role-plays. My role as a teacher is to give you the opportunity to use English in a realistic way.

It’s also part of my job to help you find a structure to learning. So, I can guide you through a series of topics - so that you have the chance to learn, and practice talking about a range of things. In the end you will be ready to have a conversation about any topic and clearly express your ideas in English.

Finally, I’m there as your teacher to show you how to use language correctly. So, I can give you effective feedback, highlight mistakes, and provide examples of correct usage. I’ll make sure that you are using good collocations - these are words that naturally go together - and that you speak in a natural way - so no more robot speech.

Online classes make it really easy to use all of the great resources available on the internet. So, as well as using English student book, vocabulary and grammar materials, we’ll be able to take authentic English from news, magazines, videos and podcasts online.

I also like to use shared documents such as Google Docs so that we can work together during the class, make notes and at the end you have notes with new vocabulary and examples.

Teaching is my profession but it’s also my passion, and I look forward to sharing that passion with you and helping you step up to the advanced level.

Please book a free test lesson so that we can meet on Skype and discuss the best learning programme for you.




Here's a little extra information about how the classes work:

Lessons are 55 - 60 minutes (I aim to finish after 55 minutes so that I never arrive late for my students in the next class)

Lessons are usually through Skype, and I like to use Google Docs to provide shared notes during the class (I can send you a link to access the Google doc at the beginning of the class). If you'd prefer to use Google Hangouts or connect via Buddy School's online classroom, this is no problem.

I'm happy to reschedule classes if you contact me at least 24 hours before. If not, classes are charged.

I have a good broadand internet connection and a back-up 4G connection so I rarely have internet problems. Of course, if I do have internet connection problems I'm happy to stop the class and reschedule.