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Many years experience in a multi-million dollar corporation as a hiring manager and a member of the employee recruitment team. CERTIFIED Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Master of Business Administration degree Bachelor's of Electrical Engineering and Associates degree in Computer Technology. Pedagogical Expansion Assessments of EFL Techniques in · Lesson Planning · Problem Solving · Focused Listening · Early Production · Life Skills Reading · Narrative Reading · Total Physical Response · Dialogue / Drill · Role Play · Information Gaps · Language Experience Microsoft Certified Trainer CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer

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Don't use my BuddySchool schedule.  Contact me on Skype to discuss your English learning Schedule.  http://youtube.com/user/EnglishTutor100  

Most candidates NEVER have a chance at a job, sometimes it’s because they are nervous or their English is too halting; but, mainly, it’s because they are not presenting themselves well. There are techniques and skills that we can teach you.

Let’s look at the issues – I was a hiring manager for a high technology company:

Most candidates NEVER even have someone read their COVER LETTER and RESUME or CV, because they are not effective and they are full of well-worn and memorized “words” or phrases. We can coach you through this critical phase.

What is a JOB DESCRIPTION? Most candidates never read it - it's a JOB, ISN'T IT? NO! It tells you what YOU need to tell THEM. Every job is unique, and, if you don’t recognize that, you’ll never get that job. Learn what the job really is, and give them solutions to THEIR NEEDS, or your application won’t get past the mail room trash can. We can help you with this critical phase.

The telephone interview is just some secretary, why worry about that, right? Don't worry about it - just present yourself in a way that the secretary is impressed (he or she is an HR representative) - it's not about your personality nor your technical skills. That telephone interviewer is listening for you to give the key words, which will get your cover letter and resume on the desk of one of the hiring managers. If you aren’t impressive on the telephone interview, you’ll never hear about that job again. We can coach you through this critical test.

Most candidates, who do make it to the actual interview, lose their chances in the first 3 minutes of the interview. IF your nervousness, halting English, and presentation skills are flawed they may turn you off pretty quickly. HOWEVER, if you don’t give them solutions to THEIR PROBLEMS (that’s why they need to hire you), you will never make it to the 2nd interview, with the big guys. It's NOT about personality, your dress or suit, nor skills (those can kill your chances, but EVERYBODY knows that). There are methods of getting the interviewers’ attention. We can help you with that.

Wouldn't it be nice, if the biggest problem that you might have is your experience or skills? (But, you already have the skills, that’s why you are a candidate for the job.) A good interview can also minimize any experience or skill limitations, if they WANT TO HIRE YOU. It’s your job to make them want to hire you – offer them solutions to their needs! We can help.

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