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nick EnglishTutor39
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I have a Bachelor's Degree in Modern European Studies, which includes Politics, French and German. I also have a TEFL Certificate Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

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I offer online English tutoring for anyone who is wishing to improve their conversational English or learn from scratch. English is my mother tongue, however I also speak fluent French and have an understanding of German. I have a TEFL Qualification to teach English as a Foreign Language and have spent a year working in Paris as an English Teacher. I worked for a large company, whose employees were required to speak English. I was responsible for testing the existing English Level of the Employees and establishing groups with similar abilities. I designed and implemented a course for each level, including class plans, exercises, targets, and reviews. I am a great believer that to learn a language it is vital to not only practice speaking and listening as often as possible but to have an excellent grasp of grammar. Once you understand grammar, you can say absolutely anything you wish, even if you have to look up some words in a dictionary. If you are currently learning English, a piece of advice is to find an English TV programme you really like and watch it as often as you can. Watch at first with the subtitles, even if you do not understand you will start to be able to pick out the words. I still watch a French soap every day to keep up my language skills. I offer online tutoring tailored to meet your needs. I also offer grammar proof reading for CVs, essays, business proposals or any form of written English. Tutoring - £9 per hour Proof Reading - £5 per document up to 1,000 words. For larger documents please email me. If you have any questions before booking an online session or sending a document to proof read, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at englishtutor39@yahoo.co.uk. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.