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IELTS and TOEFL Practice. Have you decided to go for the BIG ONE? I can help with your IELTS TOEFL

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CERTIFIED Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Master's degree Bachelor's and Associate's degrees Pedagogical Expansion Assessments of EFL Techniques in · Lesson Planning · Problem Solving · Focused Listening · Early Production · Life Skills Reading · Narrative Reading · Total Physical Response · Dialogue / Drill · Role Play · Information Gaps · Language Experience Microsoft Certified Trainer CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer

Experience: 14 years

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Don't use my BuddySchool schedule.  Contact me on Skype to discuss your English learning Schedule.  
Have you taken "English-grammar" lessons, but still cannot speak or understand spoken English? You STILL cannot pass your exams? FREE 30 min. Skype me: English_Tutor100  Do you want to be more fluent in English? Do you need clearly-spoken-English for your business, your school, your immigration plans? View YouTube http://tinyurl.com/d9del4b I am a United States native speaker, with no accent. Do you need an English tutor or an English Teacher who can help you reach your goals? I currently have several students, from all over the world, who are studying for these exams - and I have several students who have taken and passed these exams with high marks. Contrary to what you may have been lead to believe, cramming English grammar WILL NOT HELP YOU WITH THESE EXAMS! These exams are comprehensive and measure how "comfortable" you are with the use of the language. Practicing with the practice exams over-and-over WILL NOT HELP EITHER! The practice exams DO NOT HAVE THE ANSWERS TO THE REAL EXAMS. If you are comfortable with the English language, you will be able to pass the practice exams - and pass the live exams. That is not to say that you can pass these exams without practice. BUT you must practice CORRECTLY. I can help you with your basic English, then, when you are comfortable with the English, I can help you understand how to take AND PASS these exams. Unlike many so-called "online English teachers," who only chat, I actually TEACH you with a planned curriculum. It is designed to take beginners - or advanced English-speakers - from where they are, to where they wish to be. In the beginning, I take you back to being a child, to re-learn what is always a deficiency in Foreign-trained 2nd Language speakers. You can purchase lessons in 10 hour blocks for $160 USD and save. Just use Google to convert USD to your currency, and pay in Paypal.

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