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English for ADVANCED LEARNERS and Professionals; TOEFL IELTS ESL EFL Test Prep; ACCENT Reduction

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nick English_Tutor100
country Ecuador
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Don't use my BuddySchool schedule.  Contact me on Skype to discuss your English learning Schedule.  Skype ID:  English_Tutor100

Certified Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Master's degree Bachelor's degree Associate's degree

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Experience: 14 years

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Don't use my BuddySchool schedule.  Contact me on Skype to discuss your English learning Schedule.  http://youtube.com/user/EnglishTutor100  You already know English. In fact you use it every day or you teach it, but you know that your English does NOT SOUND like it should. FREE 30 min. Skype me: English_Tutor100  Others ask you to repeat or have difficulty understanding you. Your English is hindering your business or professional development. You need to prepare for TOEFL IELTS ESL EFL exams? View YouTube http://tinyurl.com/d9del4b Contact me on Skype, now, to discuss your needs, our methods, and a schedule for your learning. I am a USA native CERTIFIED Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), with no accent. If you learned English from a non-native speaker, you are deficient in these skills! You have problems understanding spoken English - others have problems understanding you. I have helped many others, and I CAN HELP YOU. I am a CERTIFIED Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). I have students from all over the world, and several professionals with advanced degrees. I KNOW what to do to help you reach your goals. English-grammar is NOT the way to learn English! Did you study grammar in your native language, BEFORE you learned how to speak and understand the language? OF COURSE NOT! We focus on the fundamentals of phonics, clear enunciation, and basic COMMUNICATION SKILLS, including LISTENING and SPEAKING. You WILL learn grammar, because you will re-learn basic skills, using correct grammar. Unlike many so-called "online English teachers," who only chat, I actually TEACH you with a planned curriculum. It is designed to take beginners - or advanced English-speakers - from where they are, to where they wish to be, in the shortest time possible. I then focus on teaching "street English," learning everyday language, idioms, figures-of-speech, and other non-school-book language. $17 USD per hour. $160 USD, in 10 hour blocks. Just use Google to convert to your currency, and pay in Paypal. Skype: English_Tutor100

Contact me at Skype ID:: English_Tutor100 to discuss your needs and schedule you.