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KET - complete course - 5 mock exams - U$S 400 - starting January 2012

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12.00 USD /single lesson (60 min.)
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University graduates and native speakers Search for 'Cambridge Exams' and see the different timetables for the different levels we're offering: Starters, Movers, KET, PET / Bec Preliminary, FCE / Bec Vantage, CAE / Bec Higher, CPE, IELTS, Toefl. KET (twenty 90-minute lessons; 2 classes a week; 2 to 6 students in the group; material included in the price; 5 mock exams to be taken in 2 weeks) Classes: Mondays and Thursdays // Tuesdays and Fridays // Wednesday and Saturdays

Experience: 20 years

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Would you like to do some serious work – with certified teachers and English-speaking natives – to get an international-exam degree? We’ll give you a thorough free-of-charge placement test, for which you’ll need to work on your own, without the help of books, dictionaries or some other people. Because of our ample experience on the field, we realize when students have asked for help, as there’s a gap between the results. Read what follows carefully. First, contact us - at any time - and give us your name, age and nationality. Then, we’ll send you a set of questions: answer in English, even if your level’s low. Second, we’ll get online through Skype, have a 30-minute chat to keep on checking your level when you write. This will also be your chance to ask any questions you may have. After that, we’ll send you a set of grammar exercises, the answers to which will need to be sent on a word-processor file. And third, we’ll test your reading and writing skills – with one of the well-know Cambridge Examinations. Both the grammar section and the reading and writing parts are timed tests: students will need to finish at a certain time. If they don’t, they won’t be allowed to continue with the last section of the placement test. Fourth, we’ll contact you through Skype to test your listening and speaking skills, which could take around 1 hour. As soon as we have all the results, we’ll tell you which Cambridge Examination you will be ready to start preparing for. Students will need to chat and solve the grammar exercises on the same day. Then, the following day, they’ll be asked to take the reading, writing, listening and speaking parts of the test. The placement test is free-of-charge ONLY for those students who decide to continue with the course. Thus, to take this test, students will be sent a 20-dollar bill, which will be refunded if they decide to take the course with us.