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Pass the English reading tests in TOEFL, IELTS and other ESL/EFL exams – or just read for joy!

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Don't use my BuddySchool schedule.  Contact me on Skype to discuss your English learning Schedule.  Skype ID:  English_Tutor100

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Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees. Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Eleven (11) Pedagogical Expansion Assessments of The EFL Technique

Experience: 14 years

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Don't use my BuddySchool schedule.  Contact me on Skype to discuss your English learning Schedule.  http://youtube.com/user/EnglishTutor100  English literature is just reading – with a purpose. FREE 30 min. Skype me: English_Tutor100  Most problems with reading, which are experienced by 2nd Language readers, are actually a lack of mastery of the fundamentals of USING English – not grammar – and not really the reading by famous authors. Yes, they often use archaic languages, which require that you add to your English vocabulary, but that is a relatively simple skill. You can view our teacher videos on YouTube at http://youtube.com/user/EnglishTutor100  (and "like" them, please)

So let's go! Contact me via Skype at English_Tutor100. I invite you to study English with our teaching and guidance. If you have specific books that you are required to read, we will use that book. If not, we will pick meaningful, REAL English to study and discuss the meaning and usage of each idiomatic expression, vocabulary word or phrase – and their meanings – in the context in which they are found. Unlike many so-called "online English teachers," who only chat, we actually TEACH you with a planned curriculum. It is uniquely ours, and it is designed to take beginners - or advanced English-speakers - from where they are, to where they wish to be, in the shortest time possible. We also try to make learning English FUN, and not so boring! We also record each lesson and send the audio files to you after each lesson (free to you). Of course, we will correct your pronunciation and grammar as needed and give you many tips on how to improve your English on your own.  

Our tuition is $17 USD per hour or $160 USD for 10 hours.  Our classes are all private.  You and the teacher.  There is a discount of $10, if you buy 10 lessons.

FREE 30 min. Contact me via Skype to discuss your needs and set you  up: English_Tutor100