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nick Mr_Scott
country Ecuador
languages English


  • TESOL Certified
  • U.S.A High School.
  • Experience instructing in the military.
  • 1 year of part time teaching English in Ecuadorian public school. 
  • Traine d at Inglingua as an ESL teacher.
  • Teaching Online English since 2011
  • 3 years of University studies
  • Pathway Missionary

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Experience: 8 years

About me

  Hello everyone, are you tired of grammar being recited over and over again, tired of the method that just have not worked out for you?
  Many schools rely on the grammar translation methods that went out of date decades ago instead of focusing on the conversational methodology that replaced it.
 My classes will be mostly conversational building your English around your own personal life, work and hobbies. This type of method has worked very well because you will be able to apply the English learnt in class during your everyday activities.

My Background

   I was born in the Detroit Michigan area, where I spent my life growing up and the only language, I speak is English.  When I met my wife, we decided to move to her home country of Ecuador, which speaks Spanish which I do not understand!  Because of my lack of the Spanish language, I can completely understand student's frustration that have difficulties speaking in English; it takes time to master and dedication to keep learning every week!

 Nowadays, I work for two online Chinese companies teaching English to children at one and IELTS to adults in the other and have taught on Buddy school for eight years now.
 120-hour  TESOL certificate to teach English as a foreign language and meanwhile finishing up a one-year program at the University of BYUI to earn my 2nd TESOL certificate.
 I love talking with students from all over the world and hearing how English has helped to improve their lives from simple things such as understanding movies better to huge achievements such as job improvements and being accepted to English Universities.