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*** TEST LESSONS for FREE This is the best way for students to assess my capability as a teacher. Test lessons which is conducted for 1 hour is given for free. The 1 hour time allotment is divided into the following: -Introduction -English Level Assessment Test (both oral and written) ^Instructions will be given on the actual test lesson. ^Right Away, I will send in the test results. -Start of Test Lesson. ^Lesson will be based on the test results. *** INTRODUCTORY PRICE! ^for FIRST TIME classes (NEW STUDENTS), $12 USD would be classes equivalent for 1 hour and 30 minutes. ^ New Students can have this privilege for upto maximum of 5 times only. ***BRONZE PACKAGE ^ Students who have reached 1 month shall pay only $10 USD per hour. ^ Supplemental materials will also be given to help the student learn more ***SILVER PACKAGE ^ After 6 months of teaching to a student, that student shall pay only $9 USD per hour. ***GOLD PACKAGE ^After 9 months of teaching to a student, that student shall pay only $8 USD per hour. ***BENEFITS ^TOP STUDENT: -a top student shall be selected every month. Criteria would include the student with greatest improvement, performance, perseverance and motivation to learn, scores in each exercise. The top student will get a deduction of $2 USD after a week's lessons. ^STUDENT WHO CAN HAVE AT LEAST 98% SCORE DURING GENERAL REVIEW can have a deduction of $2 USD on the schedule wherein the results will be given. ***INCLUDED IN THE DISCUSSION -Grammar -Pronunciation and Speaking -Reading -Listening -Spelling -Vocabulary -Letter Writing -Conversation / Free Talk ***NOTE: -Every after the lesson, the teacher will send a memo on what topics where discussed so that students will be guided. -At every start of the lesson, a review will be done. This will tackle the lessons previously discussed. -Students will be encouraged to study the lessons ahead of time