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Speak English Fluently- My goal is to help my students become fluent English speakers and to lose their fear of speaking in English.

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nick HollyAshtin
country United States
languages English, Spanish


I have a CELTA certification (Certification for teaching English to Adults). With this certification I learned key skills for teaching adult learners effectively. I also learned how different methods can benefit all types of learners.

Experience: 3 years

About me

I am a native English speaker and a CELTA certified English teacher. I am very passionate about teaching. I believe learning can be the most rewarding experience if approached in the proper way. 

I am currently teaching from the beautiful city of Mendoza, Argentina. I teach all different age groups from pre-teens to adults. I specialize in teaching adults who are at a pre-intermediate to advanced level and that have the goal of reaching a fluent level of English speaking. Due to my experience in the marketing sector, I also enjoy teaching students who are learning English for business purposes.

My teaching methodology is very different than many English teachers out there. I avoid using text books as much as possible. Instead of the traditional approach of textbooks, I like to follow a more contemporary module. I take many resources that I find to be realistic, authentic and helpful and include them in my own curriculum. I like to focus my classes on topics that are interesting in today's modern world, such as technology and global issues. 

In every class with me you can expect the following:

- Fun! (language classes should NOT be boring!)

- Interesting topics that will make you want to speak in English

- Helpful feedback. This is extremely important when you want to improve your skills!

- A recording of the class (I record each class so that you can use it for reference in the future)

I do hope to meet you soon and start helping you reach your English language goals!