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Basic to advanced English, Fluency in reading and speaking, phonics THE FUN WAY

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nick CajunCole
country Colombia
languages English, Spanish


Sacred Heart High School Ville Platte Louisiana 1972-1976 U.S.L. La. 1976-1978 The Ocean Corporation Diving Institute 1984 Berlitz English Language For Life 2001 Corporacion Universitaria Autonoma de Nariño Capacitacion Docente en Competencias 2010 T.E.F.L. International Student Services Org 2012 in process

Experience: 12 years

About me

During the 12 years I have been TEFL I have found that using THE DIRECT METHOD for beginners or basic level works well for introducing Grammar, new words, and sentence and question structure. But before I introduce the new material, I first work with them on the phonetics of the words to be introduced which makes The Direct Method more effective. After that, I use Community Language Learning to allow students to work and learn from each other. Basically, I also use TPR and CLT when students, activities, or exercises dictate. What I mean is I get a feeling for my students and as I know them, I know what works and what doesn't work. I will allow the students to make their own choices, as to what they would like to do since they know where they are lacking, but not always as time has to be played into the factor. When I work with Intermediate to Advanced students I like for them to do more reading and I do a 7 step methodology I helped develop at Berlitz. Since I work with Spanish native speakers I have developed my own phonetic exercises that are targeted to the sounds most difficult for Spanish speakers. I also use these exercises with my entry and basic level students, so as to give them a good sound reading and speaking base. I found it easier for students to learn something correctly in the beginning than to correct mistakes later. Correcting an engrained mistake takes 2 to 3 months of concerted and conscientious effort on the students part after learning of their mistake to correct it. What I mean is that they begin to not use the mistake and speak correctly and naturally. I know this from my own experience of learning Spanish. Cole Vidrine WHO ARE MY STUDENTS? My students range from 7 to 70. Most of my students are Dr.s who need coaching to deliver medical discourses, participate in fellows, or participate in advanced medical training. Also, electrical engineers and international businessmen who now travel with confidence.