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animal biology, animal especially human physiology, evolution

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M.Sc.,Ph.D. I am working as professor of zoology in a goverment university. I am attaching my breif resume here- RESUME 1. Name : Dr. Sanjoy Kumar 2. Sex : Male 3. Date of Birth : 01/ 02 / 1962 4. Academic Qualifications: Exam Board / Year Div./ Class % Marks Passed Univ. Matriculation BSEB, Patna 1975 1st 66.1% I.Sc. Patna Univ. 1977 1st 61 % B.Sc.(Hons) Patna Univ. 1979 1st 61 % M.Sc.(Zoology) Patna Univ. 1981 1st 64.2 % LL.B. Patna Univ. 1991 2nd 59 % Ph.D Magadh Univ. 1992 5. Designation : University Lecturer 6. Address: Office P.G. dept. of Zoology Vinobha Bhave Univ. Hazaribag, , Jharkhand Residence Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Flat No.- 401, Basudham Apt. Kadam Kuan, Patna- 800003. 7. Teaching and Research Experience (a) Teaching experience : 21 yrs. (b) Research experience : 10 yrs. (c) Year of award of Doctoral degree : 1992 (d) Title of thesis of doctoral degtee : : Effets 0f pesticidal stress on the Haematology and Biochemistry on Channa punctatus with special reference to season and sex. (e)Publications (!)Papers Published – 8 Papers published: 1.The effect of anaerobic fermentation on cysts of Human Parasitic Protozoans- Dr.Sanjoy Kumar & Dr.N.B.Mazumdar - Published in Mendel 7(1),7-10,1990. 2.Study of Serum Protein level in fish, Channa punctatus exposed to sublethal and LC50 dose of organophosphate and organochlorine pesticides with special reference to season and sex- Dr. Sanjoy Kumar, Manju Lall & Dr.S.C.Yadav. Published in Biojournal-vol 7,no.1&2,119-123,June & December,1995. 3.Study of Serum Cholesterol level in fish Channa punctatus exposed to sublethal and LC50 dose of organophosphate and organochlorine pesticides with special reference to season and sex.- Dr.Sanjoy Kumar,Manju Lall & Dr.S.C.Yadav : Published in Biojournal,vol.7,no.1&2, 113-117,June 7 December,1996. 4. Study of Pesticidal stress on Blood Glucose level of Channa punctatus (Bloch)with special reference to season and sex.- Dr.Sanjoy Kumar, Manju Lall & Dr.S.C.Yadav - Published in National Symposium on Emerging Trends in Animal Haematology-1, Held in Dept.of Zoology,Patna Univ.,1989. 5.Effects of Pesticidal Stress on Blood Protein level in Channa punctatus(Bloch) with special reference to season and sex.-Dr.Sanjoy Kumar,Manju Lall& Dr.S.C.Yaadav: Published in National symposium on Emerging Trends in Animal Haematology ||, held in Dept.of Zoology, Patna Univ.1992. 6.Study of COD and BOD changes during anaerobic digestion of human excreta in a biogas plant,Shekhar,H., Kumar,S.. Mazumdar,N.B.,Indian J. Environmental Protection, Vol. 11, No.5, 1991,pp.347-349. 7.Anerobic fermentation of human excreta, Singh,S.K.,Kumar,S. and Mazumdar.N.B., presented in the 75th session of the Indian Science Congress,1988,Pune, Abstract published in the proceeding, part 1V, p.60. 8.Volumetric efficiency of human waste fed biogas plants with varying operational parameters, Prasad,S., Kumar,S., Mazumdar, N.B. Presented the National Symposium on Biogas Techonology, Feb,1990, Nagpur(Abstracts of Papers, p.8) ____ 13(a)Details of the project/scheme completed (!) Project name : 1.Techno-economic evaluation of human excreta based biogas plants for community purposes and evaluation of plant design, process control & pretreatment of feedstock for optimization of and standardization for mixed feeds. (!!) Name of the funding agency : DNES( Department of Non-conventional energy sources , Ministry of Energy, Govt. of India. (!!!) Year: Started – 1986 Completed- 1990 (!V) Total cost : 9,20,000/- (V) Equipments/Infrastructural facilities obtained : None Summary of the project Project was aimed to cover the following aspects- Studies on physico-chemical and operational parameters of existing biogas plant systems connected with community toilet complex was made. Studies were also made on kinetic factors which influence or inhibit the generation of biogas in such system. Project was aimed to optimize performance and to evolve optimal as well as economical design criteria for such systems. To study the effects of adding supplementary feedstock to night soil including pretreatment and performance evaluation:helminthic and microbial investigation of the mixed system. Design modification based on optimized operational criteria and standardization of modular plant design. Major Results/ Highlights of the project including achievement (publications, patents etc.), for completed projects Up-to date Technical progress report for on-going projects. • Function of the digester is independent to the loading rate and ambient temperature of the environment. It do not affect the microbial activity going on in the digester. In spite of large variation of COD and BOD in the feed material due to variable loading rate, BOD and COD values in the effluent, slurry remains at a steady level. This is true for TS & VS values also. • With increase in TS volumetric efficiency is also increased. Maximum gas is produced with 2% TS. • In biogas digesters fed with 2% TS, under anaerobic condition, significant reduction in number of ova of Ancylostoma, Ascaris Taenia, Echinoccus, Enterobius etc. are observed. Similarly, at varying Ts%, reduction in E. coli, Staphyloccus, Shigella, Cholera bacteria were observed. • With 10 days HRT, the volumetric efficiency of digester is increased from 0.25 in the first month to 0.69 in the fo

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I first develop interest among the students in any topic make the subject learing easy like hearing about sweet increase your saliva secretion .I explain topic with the the help of day to day exmples. I am guiding students in preparatin for medical college entrance tests for the last 25 years. I have been accredited as one of the best teacher of zoology by large number of reputd coaching institutes in india.My students have got success in christian medical college,vellore, AIIMS, BHU medical etc. I also guide students for +2 level and graduate level university exams