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nick usesltutor
country United States
languages English


English Biblical Literature - Bachelor of Arts (ORU)

120 hour Advanced TEFL certificate (TEFLEXPRESS.CO.UK)

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Experience: 5 years

About me

FRIENDLY NATIVE SPEAKER from USA with TEFL/TESOL Certificate to teach English. 

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I am an American living in the Philippines with my Filipino wife.

Listen to my greeting below. I have a neutral American accent which is easily understood.




Just like how a baby learns to speak by hearing and repeating what is heard, you can learn to speak English. It is not hard for babies to learn English. You too, can learn to speak by hearing how it is spoken and by learning new vocabulary each day. Practice a little each day and you will see some progress!


Listening and reading will improve your English generally. They won't teach you the actual rules of grammar, but your grammar will improve. This is because the way sentences are spoken and written will become fixed in your mind through use, and you will use them the same way.

I do not teach grammar in my tutoring. I concentrate on helping my students gain confidence in their speaking of English. Many ESL students are so concerned with grammar rules that it hinders them from speaking at all. They have spent years learning grammar, but can't talk with confidence. If you want to do well on a grammar exam, then study the rules. If you want to want to talk like a native, then listen to and speak with native speakers. Learn naturally like a baby does!

Listening and repeating are the key to becoming fluent. Listen to native speakers on podcasts, audio books, videos etc each day.  If you use me as a tutor, I will correct your mistakes as we read and discuss topics. For those who only want to practice their spoken English we can pick a topic and discuss it.

If you want a native speaker to practice your English with, then I think I can help.


Vocabulary is something everyone should work at. I try to introduce new vocabulary in each lesson as well as idioms and slang.


Learning English shouldn't have to be boring. My classes are filled with materials that I hope you will find interesting. These materials include news articles, short biographies, American history, and fictional short stories.

I think that you will find me to be a kind and friendly teacher. I have tutored many people on BuddySchool..  Check out how they have rated me. You can also read some testimonials of some of my students at my website:

I want to help you achieve your goal of fluency in English conversation. Please note that I only accept adult students who are above the basic level of English. At that level you should be able to hold a basic conversation with me. If you don't know your level and can read  this you are good to go.

Here are some web sites that I use frequently:

Sign up for a free trial class via my website:

Let me know when you contact me what your needs are in English conversation. Also, please let me know what your Skype username is. Mine is: brothergalen

You can cancel a class up to 24 hours (one day) before a class in your time zone without having to pay.  Please don't schedule unless you know you will be able to attend.

SAVE $$ by paying me directly with Paypal.  Only $10 USD for a 50 minute class.

I look forward to meeting you!

Galen (usesltutor)

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