Speak the Speech! Accent Reduction for ESL Students

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84.00 USD /single lesson (60 min.)
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nick Ms_Kelli
country United States
languages English


Master of Fine Arts Degree, Case Western Reserve University

Bachel or of Arts, San Diego State University

Experience: 6 years

About me

Is your foreign or regional accent hindering your career advancement?

Are you an ESL student looking to improve basic conversation skills?

What I found in many of my students when I first started teaching on BuddySchool was that they had perfect English grammar.  The reason they were still incomprehensible to a native English speaker was their dialect.  Many languages differ in phonetic sounds and tone, and it was their native tongue that was the barrier, not their understanding of the English language.

Whatever your focus or desire, I assess and design a program suited to your specific needs. By recognizing, drilling, andutilizing various exercises and activities, the goal is to have you speaking English with ease and confidence; be it Standard American or the foreign accent of your choosing. 


Train your muscles to work instinctively so that your focus can be on what you're saying, now how you're saying it.


Our first session will involve a complete analysis of your dialect; what substitutions you are doing that are hindering your comprehension to a Standard English speaker.  Following the lesson, you will receive a document of this analysis as well as exercises and drills to do to help you get started.


"Kelli is a great teacher.  My primary goal from the lessons was to find and fix my pronunciation errors.  She was enormously helpful with them.  She even pointed out the errors that I had not noticed before, and constantly checked if I spoke them properly throughout the lessons.  I am glad to get to know you, Kelli."  ~ Sangki Kim, South Korea


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