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High School Basic English

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nick renzoblanco
country Philippines
languages Chinese, English, Tagalog


High School and College: Ateneo de Naga University, one of the top-performing universities in the Philippines

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I am a new teacher here so I charge lower compared to most of teachers here in BuddySchool and because of our currency which is Philippine Peso. I am a Junior, studying BS Business Administration Major in Business Management Honors' Program, known for receiving A and B+ for my English subjects in our university. :) *uses a textbook in PDF Format for convenient use of students *speaks, writes, and understands English fluently *offers tutorials through various medium *simplified lesson plans *fun and entertaining activities *open to feedback and suggestions from students *a session runs for at least 1 hour only *flexible schedule *a followup and a feedback is highly appreciated :) Here is the list of topics you can choose from this program: 1. THE SENTENCE 2. SUBJECT AND PREDICATE 3. THE PHRASE AND THE CLAUSE 4. PARTS OF SPEECH 5. THE NOUN: KINDS OF NOUNS 6. THE NOUN: GENDER 7. THE NOUN: NUMBER 8. THE NOUN: CASE 9. THE ADJECTIVE 10. COMPARISON OF ADJECTIVES 11. ADJECTIVES USED AS NOUNS 12. POSITION OF THE ADJECTIVES 13. THE CORRECT USE OF SOME ADJECTIVES 14. ARTICLES 15. PERSONAL PRONOUNS 16. REFLEXIVE AND EMPHATIC PRONOUNS 17. DEMONSTRATIVE, INDEFINITE AND DISTRIBUTIVE PRONOUNS I8. RELATIVE PRONOUNS 19. INTERROGATIVE PRONOUNS 20. THE VERB 21. VERBS OF INCOMPLETE PREDICATION 22. ACTIVE AND PASSIVE VOICE 23. MOOD 24. TENSES: INTRODUCTION 25. THE USES OF THE PRESENT AND PAST TENSES 26. THE FUTURE 27. THE VERB: PERSON AND NUMBER 28. THE INFINITIVE 29. THE PARTICIPLE 30. THE GERUND 31. IRREGULAR VERBS 32. AUXILIARIES AND MODALS 33. CONJUGATION OF THE VERB LOVE 34. THE ADVERB 35. COMPARISON OF ADVERBS 36. FORMATION OF ADVEBS 37. POSITION OF ADVERBS 38. THE PREPOSITION 39. WORDS FOLLOWED BY PREPOSITIONS 40. THE CONJUNCTION 41. SOME CONJUNCTIONS AND THEIR USES 42. THE INTERJECTION Please do contact me through twitter @renzoxoxo or reach me through my email