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ITALIAN language classes in person and vi; tutoring; conversation; translations; exams preparations!

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14.40 USD /single lesson (60 min.)
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nick Silvia12
country Italy


. Teacher of Italian as foreign language in 2 different language schools. . Teacher of Italian as foreign language in a permanent education centre. . Private tuitions, live-in and online, for single or groups. Students from 8 years old up to 75 and of several different nationalities. . Language assistant for an university project addressed to foreign students in exchange in Italy. . Tutoring. . Exams preparation.

Experience: 7 years

About me

Hi everyone! My name is Silvia and I am a teacher of Italian, my mothertongue, as foreign language. I deeply believe that the in order to teach a language or any other subject, you first need to know well "how to teach". And this is exactly the plus that I can offer you: I graduated in Education for foreign languages and I have several university specializations in teaching Italian as foreign or second language. My wide, professional experience ranges from teaching Italian in private language schools to giving private tuitions both in person and online. I offer to give lessons through skype or in person both in my city (Florence) or in your one (wherever it is) for an intensive course mainly in exchange of accomodation and for a lower wage. Since I've been studing4foreign languages, I perfectly know from the student's point of view what a learner needs in order to improve in the most effective, fast and motivating way. My teaching approach: depending on the reasons why you decided to learn Italian, on your level and on the skills you want to improve the most (writing, speaking etc.) I will create a specific course for you. I will be sending you, through links, all the material that I use, and that I costantly update, (reading extracts, exercises, grammar focus, records etc.) so that we will both have it during the lesson, to work together on it. To sum up in a few words, my method is to lead you to understand by yourself concepts, vocabulary, grammar rules in order to impress them effectively in your brain. I am very patient during my explanations and I want my students to be active learners! I am always happy to listen to their requests, their ideas and their doubts! I am available to "meet" you on skype with no obligation, to talk better about my method and to reply to any question you might have before you decide whether to start your lessons with me! Thanks for your attention and hope to see you soon!