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nick janetwang168
country United States
languages Chinese, English


English Bachelor's degree Teacher Training Program in Chinese as a Foreign Language

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Hi, I am a qualified Chinese teacher, and I hope to give lesson that's not making Chinese too difficult to learn yet after each lesson, some practical words or patterns are learned. For people who have certain needs, feel free to contact me for discussion. I am currently working on a blog, it's for people who have learned some Chinese and want to do reading practice and learning more at the same time. http://magnifychinese.blogspot.tw/ Feedback is welcomed.

Currently, there are 16 lessons designed for basic Chinese, over 400 words will be learned. These 16 lessons can each be purchased, please feel free to take a look at the sample page. (https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2Ho2L71_a0yQnhYT2I3NEdNZ2s/edit?usp=sharing) I made all the lessons with much effort; I tried to pick words often used and patterns that help form a fluent sentence without much difficulty. I am conident that anyone who goes through these 16 lessons will be able to express their own ideas in Chinese. (Having sessions with me will help achieve that more easily.) For lesson 1-8, each is 0.45 USD, or 3.50 USD for lesson1-8 as a package. For lesson 9-15, each is 0.50 USD, Lesson 16 is a review for lesson 1-15, with 10 parts of test questions, it is 1 USD, or 4.15 USD for lesson 9-16 as a package. With every 4 lessons purchased, a half hour one-on-one session can be booked for free (which can be used for practicing or making sure the questions are answered properly. Lesson 1-7 have no questions. ) IN SHORT, if you buy any lesson from store, the session you book with me will have discount. Of course, there will be more lessons coming out. I am dedicated to making Chinese learning a SOLID skill, Chinese isn't difficult, but there are some tricky parts, and with practices from differen angles, speaking fluenly should become more and more effortless.