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nick axstupidxlamb
country United Kingdom
languages English


I am born and raised in England so am fluent in British English. Primary Education Juniour Education Secondary Education English Language = A English Literature = A Maths = A I.C.T = A Drama = A* History = A Double Science = BB Music = C Currently Attending College where I study History, Politics, Drama and German. Future Plans: University of Reading - German Degree.

Experience: 18 years

About me

I am free to teach English to those who wish it. I'm a hard working caring and patient girl who loves languages! I myself study German at A Level. I will take a year abroad and then go to university to study German at the university of Reading. I ask those I teach to be open minded and willing to listen and learn! :D I ask that you are relativly fluent in English. I will only speak in English to you. Don't worry though, we will take it slow until i find out what level you are at. We will work on a combination of grammer and language. My general lesson plan is: Test Lesson: Introducing yourself to me and general conversation to know one another First Lesson: English sentence structure (focussing on word order) Second Lesson: The english continuous tenses (past, present and future continuous) Third Lesson: Roleplay/ Debate - depending on your ability I will simulate either a roleplay or we will have a debate about a topic. I will give you the topic beforehand, relax! Fourth Lesson: Forming complex sentences using clauses plus when to use : and ; Fifth Lesson: The use of adverbials and fronted adverbials. This gives you a taster! Of course lessons don't stop after 5! By then i will know what you need work on an what you don't and so I will tailor lessons to your needs! At the moment i will only tutor people age 12 - 21.