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nick Inu
country Poland


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Do you want to just learn Korean or do you want to be capable of speaking in Korean with Korean people? They can be really different matters, especially if you're not from countries like Japan or China. I've seen a lot of people, who don't live in Korea, trying to learn the language. But it seems to me that most of them learn quite ineffectively, not knowing how the way of learning Korean language needs to be. Of course the best way of learning Korean is to live in the country, but it's not the option for everyone. That's why I teach my students in my own way, which, I believe, is the effective one for learners who don't live in Korea. I differently design lessons for each student. Every student has different personality, different sense of learning and different reason and goal of learning Korean. Once I get to know about a student, I'd know how he/she can learn best. I use textbooks, but it's not the only material I use. I often create special materials for each student. I've been learning English for more than 10 years, but only a few years ago I began to be capable of speaking it with some mistakes. Since 2012 I've been learning Polish language as my second foreign language. I found myself being able to talk with Polish people in their language when I'd learned only a year. That's why I believe, I know how the way of learning a language by students from different cultures needs to be. The best way of getting to know about my lesson is to leave me a message, so I can tell you about everything in details. PS: I've been working as a teacher since November 2012, but when I was living in Seoul I often helped my foreign friends in their learning. Currently I live in Warsaw, Poland, where I have around 10 of Polish students.