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Build your Spanish Mind!

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nick Guille.Arnaudo
country Argentina
languages English, French, Spanish


Profesor de Enseñanza Primaria - Instituto Superior del Profesorado Mariano Acosta

Psicólog o Social - Escuela de Pichon-Rivière

Certificate of Proficiency in English - University of Cambridge

Advanced French

Experience: 13 years

About me


Learning a language is completely different from any other learning process. While intellectual, it's very emotional. It involves muscles and subconscious thoughts; listening, and expressing yourself. Unlike any other knowledge, when you have to use it you cannot afford seconds to find the required data – the words to speak – but fractions of seconds. You can’t translate back and forth fast enough—you need to THINK in your second language as you do in your native one.

Psychology states that it is language what structures mind. This is why we are so fast when using our native language—because it's the material of which mind itself is made. The only way to get to use a second language as an effective communication tool is by building a new mind in that language. This goal can only be attained by use and exposure. This is the process I will help you go through, with a tailored approach, until your Spanish mind is strong enough to go its own way in the Spanish speaking world.

What do I mean by tailored?

Building a mind is a very unique, subjective process.

For the one hand, you need to link sounds to meanings (preferably images, sensations and notions, rather than words in your native language). Associations which are significant to the individual, root deeper in their memory, and thus the learning process is entirely based on the student’s interests, life experience, work, projects, etc.

For the other hand, each person has singular abilities and difficulties to incorporate a new language. Monitoring them and helping overcome them implies a thoroughly personalized activity.

This process involves:


You may be an advanced student, intermediate or beginner—in any case we are going to talk in Spanish, with the assistance of English that you may require. A total beginner in his or her first lesson will obviously need more English than Spanish, but will gradually need less English help, as she or he develops their Spanish mind.


In a non Spanish-speaking country, the opportunities to expose your ear to the sound of the language for many hours are not apparent—however, they are available; all you need is an internet connection and speakers or earphones. This part is necessary, but its accomplishment is entirely up to you. It requires your discipline to maintain habits that seem easy, but require constancy.

Reading and writing

This is done during the lessons. Later, further readings are encouraged as the student progresses, as well as writing exercises related to subjects of the student’s interest.

Grammar bites:

I love grammar, but I acknowledge that it’s far from being the key point to learn a second language. However, some grammar information really helps to understand how to use certain structures of the Spanish language, and we’ll tackle them when the need presents itself. If a student—from the intermediate level and above—is fond of grammar and wants to deepen the knowledge of it, I’ll be delighted to help.

Please feel free to send me a message and ask for further information or clarification of any doubt you may have.

If you want to book a lesson with me, please contact me to confirm time availability. Thank you!