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From the basic English Grammar to Advance/From the basic Article Writing Techniques to Advance.

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nick talkandwriteenglish13
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About me

We are a Freelance Article writer who aimed and wishes to share knowledge on writing ability. We able to teach each of you basic English Grammar to Advance and Techniques on being an Article writer.

Tips on learning how to write and talk proper English:

1. Interest

  • Interest will bring us to something different, we are not a native speaker, yet, we have this interest to learn, the most important thing. Where learning is a continous process, it should be our daily  routine to talk nor to write proper with the said Language.

2. Passion

  • Our interest will not be as progressive as we intended to be without PASSION. Remember that, if we have Passions in things we are doing it will lead us to success. If you are just thinking that you need to learn just because you "need to" or you "want to" you will never succeed. You need an intense emotion on learning on what you have to be learned.

3. Seek Help

  • There are lots of Native Speaker, English as a Second Language and etc. Yes, You can seek help for all of us. But one thing for sure be wise enough in choosing the right mentor.


  • Be like a baby, that can't move without elders. Yet in it's continous process on learning how to walk, progress shown from time to time, till can finally move with the help of others.

5. Be Patient

  • Everything is not just a blink of an Eye. It needs effort, sweat, in every breath you take should not be a wasted time. Be Patient enough to finally realise what you are really learning for.

There are still lots of tips we can give you in order to achieve you might think the unachievable. Join us, tell us, know us as we wanted to know you more on which of which we can assess you in your learning process. We cannot force you, it's your Choice and Will will knock on our doors. We are not locking our doors, it is widely open for you.

15 USD/hr

35 USD/ 210 hrs per week or 3.5 hrs per week