The Dream You

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nick natasha21
country Jamaica
languages English, Spanish


I am a second year student at the University of the West Indies, the top university in my country. I study Journalism, Psychology and Linguistics. I have an Associate Degree in General Studies. While in High School I was president of my debate club, Peer Counsellor, Monitor, Senior Prefect and also the only person to ever have won both my Mini and Miss pageant so I know all there is to know about confidence. On top of that I have won nine more pageants. I was also the leader of my community youth club. I graduated Valedictorian from my High School and top girl with eleven subjects in varying areas. I have experience working with children and young adults as I teach a class every Summer for the past three years at my church. I have worked with many different individuals over this time who have blossomed into wondeful young men and women today. I worked at Six Flags Great America last summer, where I interacted with many kids and helped many of them  to start thinking more about their future. Lastly, I am a youth leader at my church and also a future ambassador for my country for an ongoing Project 'GO'on Journalism by The Film Community.

Experience: 5 years

About me

This program aims at helping persons who have/ or who think they need to build on their self esteem and be more confident about who they are and who they want to be. It looks at many aspects of our lives and how we can improve those areas and come across as a more interesting and confident individual. Exploring the old you by creating profiles of yourself at present, and keeping a timeline of the changes that will start occurring when you have started my class will be just a few of the activities that I will use to get you into paying more attention to a healthy mind and body.