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nick quazi.minhajA
country Japan
languages English


I have 19 years successful formal education where I am masters in Business as well as have a law degree.


However, teaching is my best profession, and I am not teaching for money only.

At the moment, I have an existence class room over skype where I am teaching how to speak  in English fluently  for over several months too.There are almost 18 students over there now.

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Experience: 7 years

About me

To ignore English grammar, you are like without a lamp wandering in the “Gobi” desert at night.
Whatever you write in English language, you would like to feel confident yourself; you try to protect yourself from the bad criticism.

Unfortunately, you are still unable to save yourself because of so confusing the grammar!
There is a big question how to learn English grammar without much strife, and where a few teachers can show you the beacon light and you the easiest ways that you are searching for a long time, but in vain!

It is clear to me, there are a few of us who are to teach the students cordially, and that will teach you on time!
Teachers tend to criticize about their student’s English proficiency level, but a very few teachers have possessed the qualities who can show the students the easiest rules!

Even teacher having Oxford degree in English, can’t show the rules with much effective and easiest ways to the students, that experienced I got to have by this time.

When these descriptions are pertinent with your problems, and so on, you are at the right place on:
I repeat-for the easiest rules that is why I am, “Quazi” is here.


Please mail me for your any question (even any wrong I have put here that elapsed from my eyes!) regarding English Language:qmahmed20122yahoo.com

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Two practical jokes about, why does English grammar so need in your daily life?

Mr. Andrew enjoys cooking,his family, and his cat.
If you write–Mr. Andrew enjoys cooking and his family and his cat—-how do you feel?

In a Bank interview, one of board members ask a candidate—in possession meaning please tell us about a cow.
Answer was, I was a cow!

All members were so puzzled then Chairman himself mitigated the situation sharply.He retold, Ya, once you was that, now you are our bank officer!

Answer should be- I had a cow.

I am sure you all understand why do we get to know desperately the grammar.

How could you speak in English fastest way?
Ans: Pls. see at English language forum
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