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nick Vhyla
country Indonesia
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Hello, I'm Vhyla, a native Indonesian. I live in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. If you're interested in learning Indonesian language and Indonesian culture, I'm ready to help. Generally, I teach in English or in Indonesian. For non-English speakers, I have some basic knowledge in Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian and Portuguese which I'm still learning and improving. With that knowledge, I can translate my teaching materials into those languages if necessary. Recently, I've started learning Korean and Malaysian too. I'm not able to speak all of those languages fluently for now, but I've studied quite a lot already. So with my experience in learning languages, I'm able to share my knowledge abt the differences between the rules of Indonesian grammar and pronunciation, and the rules of others I've learnt. I type 70-80WPM. So if there is anything I need to tell you in writing during the class, I will do it quickly. This Indonesian course is for all levels, and I'll try my best to teach you with fast & effective ways.

Hola, soy Vhyla, una indonesia nativa. Vivo en Yakarta, la capital de Indonesia. Si ustedes están interesados en aprender la lengua y la cultura de Indonesia, estoy lista para ayudar. En general, enseño en inglés o en Indones. Para personas que no hablan inglés, tengo algunos conocimientos básicos en español, francés, chino, italiano y portugués, que hasta ahora todavía estoy aprendiendo y mejorando. Con ese conocimiento, puedo traducir mis materiales de enseñanza en esos idiomas si es necesario. Recientemente, he comenzado a aprender coreano y malayo también. No soy capaz de hablar todos los idiomas con fluidez por ahora, pero ya he estudiado mucho, así que con mi experiencia en el aprendizaje de idiomas, soy capaz de compartir mis conocimientos sobre las diferencias entre las gramáticas y las pronunciaciones de Indones, y las de los otros que he aprendido. Escribo 70-80 WPM. Si hay algo que debo explicar por escrito durante la clase, lo haré rápidamente. Este curso de Indones es para todos los niveles, y voy a intentar mi mejor esfuerzo para enseñar a medios rápidos y eficaces.

Indonesian for beginners:

In the 6-month beginner series, I will teach you standard formal verbs and expressions in Indonesian. We will go through at least 3000 words before we move on to the next level. That sounds a little boring. But don't worry, I will mix the lessons with cultural insights. Learning a language will require lots of your time and efforts. I will try my best to make all of my classes both effective and enjoyable. Anyway, I recommend that you use "Memrise", "Anki", or other apps where you can make your own flashcards. It's good to review all the vocabulary that you've learned.

Conversational Indonesian:

If you ask me which is more important between formal and informal language, I will answer both are equally important, it just depends on your needs. If you would like to converse as soon as possible with the locals, I will teach you mostly on the informal language. But if your purpose of learning is to find Indonesian business partners whose conversations are more formal and academic, or if you want to be an Indonesian writer, host, or reporter whose jobs require a decent ability to understand news and articles, then I will teach you mostly on the formal language. The classes are 80% speaking and only 20% theory. So I suggest you to take beginner courses first. So you will have a solid foundation in the language. Say things correctly with enough vocabulary is really important. 

Business Indonesian: 

In this series, I will teach you a lot of business conversations. Also, we will discuss a lot of news and business articles in Indonesian.  

Intensive Indonesian:

I have a lot of materials on hand. So, don't hesitate to take more than 2 classes per week if you would like to. Your Indonesian will improve very fast.

English for beginners:

I have lots of materials on hand. All of them are taken from the internet and books. In this course, I will help you with grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and listening skills. Before moving on to the next level, it's best to know at least 3000 words (Of course the more the better). Normally it will take 6 months to a year to master those words. When your English is good enough and you're about to start improving your conversational skills, it's better to find a native teacher. Native teachers are best at this. 

General English:

In this section, I will give you lots of interesting articles to talk about. I will also improve your grammar and broaden your vocabulary.


Ok, Sampai ketemu dan selamat belajar! :D God bless you.

(Buena suerte con sus estudios :) Que Dios les bendiga.)




Vhyla (yuyun.kusuma26)