Lilian Shen
Lilian Shen
10 MIN

Chinese (Mandarin) Language Course and Culture & Business Consulting 10-20euros/hour

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12.00 USD /single lesson (45 min.)
Languages / Chinese / Mandarin

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nick Lilian Shen
country Germany
languages Chinese, English, German


Hi, I am Lilian, a master program student in Consumer Studies in Technical University of Munich, Germany since Oct 2012.

I was a part-time piano teacher for chilrden in Finland between 2009 and 2012, when I was a bachelor student in Finland.

I worked  part-time for Global Education & Technology Co.,Ltd. (Nasdaque: GEDU), Anhui Branch in China in 2012. I taught English conversation, listening and oral communication for students in summer courses.

At the moment, I teach and support some students in my university who are learning Chinese (Mandarin).




Experience: 3 years

About me

I offer 3 types of China Study courses: 1 Long-term Mandarin learning support  10 euros per 45 mins                                                                         
2 Chinese( Mandarin) spcific learning courses 15 euros per 45 mins   3 Culture & Business Consulting Course  10 euros per 30 mins or  (20 euros for 60 mins)
  15mins test lesson are free. 10times bookings can get one course for free.
  1 Long-term support
For people taking a reguler course or self-lerning in a basic level of Chinese (Mandarin) language. I can support your Mandarin learning to correct  vocabulary pronunciation, improve your study motivations, correct your coursebook execerise and answer relevent questions.   2 Spcific Learning Courses   For all level learner, who are interested in basic mandarin conversation for surviving in China, Chinese culture, Food&Restaurant, Courtesy for Greetings, Business and Eatings, Chinese letters translation or writing correction,Specific City Introduction, Oral Conversation Practive and others. Topics can be based on your needs.   3 Culture & Business Consulting In this part, I offer helpful advice for the trip in China, especially for the arrangment of livings, eatings, transportation service and translating service. It is very important and useful for international business or culture travllers in a helpless situation in China, without language skills or without a support from native speakers.