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English Lessons, All levels! Friendly conversation, grammar, business English, IELTS, TOEFL & More! 7 years experience teaching abroad & online

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14.40 USD /single lesson (50 min.)
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nick TeacherBobbyUSA
country United States
languages Chinese, English, Tagalog


I have teaching abroad and online for 7 years! I taught in China for 3 years mostly tutoring 1on1 or groups of up to 5, but I also worked in 2 kindergartens, 1 of them was a Montessori Kindergarten. I really enjoy teaching and being able to help people acheive their goals when speaking English.

Experience: 7 years

About me

Professional American English tutor with  seven years experience teaching in Asia and online. For all levels and all ages!  Develop conversation skills and confidence. Grammar and pronunciation correction, instruction and learning tips will be given as needed. All materials are free.

My style of teaching depends on the student's needs, so for every student the style can be a little different. I'm a nice friendly teacher that gets along with every body wells and make students feel comfortable and relaxed so that they learn better. My lessons can include watching a video and having a discussion about it, reading articles and correcting the reading skills as we go along, having the students write a letter and then going over things they did well and correctingthe mistakes and many other methods are also used. Those are just a few.

I am flexible and welcome requests to help with work documents, presentations or preparation for interviews or tests.  

Contact me now for your first lesson free! After that I offer 50 minute lessons and we can schedule times that work best for you. Also for group lessons of students of the same English level I offer for $5 more per student. For exaxmple 2 students for $ 17 for 50 minues or 3 total students for $22 or 4 students $27 for 50 minutes. 

add me on Skype, my ID is All4less