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American Teacher
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nick American Teacher
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I am New Yorker. I live in Turkey right now. I am an ESL teacher and  I have taught for 10 years now online to various nationalities such as the Chinese and The Turks. I have experience in teaching different English levels from per-intermediate to upper-advanced levels. 

Please don't be afraid to express yourself, as we all need to practice and improve our skills. I am very patient and type as I talk as you need it, in an American accent. 

I focus on strengthen your conversational, grammatical  and listening abilities through discussions, readings, logical corrections and question/answer exercises, while covering many different topics including but not limited to, science, art, music, news, and various other short but interesting stories about life, the universe, and everything in between.

 I am very passionate about the English language and in time, I will ensure you have a good filling educational experience!

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you grow your skills in english.

Please email me to  arrange your 20 minute free trial lesson.  Alternatively, contact me through Buddy School.


Experience: 10 years

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Hi! I teach English on Skype

1 lesson 9 $ 10 lessons 75 $

I'm a native New Yorker. I live in Turkey.  I am an ESL teacher and have over 3 years experience of teaching English at courses in Turkey. I've been teaching and improving english skills on Skype for 10 years now to a variety of students. I help people not only to advance their knowledge they needed in their lives but also to introduce new ideas and concepts that english has to offer in a way so the students could understand. By giving students a safe area to grow their minds in a non judgemental atmosphere, they get a chance to learn about what mistakes they might be making and correct themselves to eliminate their own errors while speaking and writing. IELTS, TOEFL are an important part of my skills. I hope to be able to help you improve your skills and growth in English.

When I am teaching with Skype, I am using screen sharing technology.