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nick Alan_J
country United Kingdom
languages English, Japanese


T.E.F.L.  Certificate Updated in March 2012

Experience: 4 years

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Learn To Speak English In Just Months
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Interested in learning to speak English in the shortest time possible? Then you have come to the right place. With advanced use of exercises that allow the student to speak 70% of the time; you will get to use the language you learn in real sentences, that encourage the brain to activate the language you already know, but also the language you don't.
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 I was born and raised in London, England and I currently reside in Japan temporarily. I have been teaching the Callan Method for almost 4 years now and these are some of the most common questions I get asked.


Why cant I speak English even though I have studied all the grammar ?

Why are my friends and family able to speak English so well but I struggle with English so much?

My friends and family and even my teacher tell me that I need to study more. They must know whats best for me right!.... Right?


!!! W R O N G !!!


If you try and learn how to speak in the same way as you learned how to read and write you wont succeed. It's like trying to learn how to drive a car by ridding a bike; ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

How much do you charge for classes?
Classes are charged by each 50 minute piriod for private lessons the list below will show you the stucture:

Private One To One Lessons 50 min, Private tuition - ¥1,5002 x 50 min Private Tuition - ¥3,0003 x 50 min Private Tuition - ¥4,2004 x 50 min Private Tuition - ¥5,4005 x 50 min Private Tuition - ¥6,000 Group Classes 2 Students 50 min Class (2 students) ¥1000 each - ¥1,000Group lessons are based on 2 or 3 students joining the same class and are an economic and effective alternative to private tuition. Each student will... (more) 2 x 50 min Class per week (2 students) ¥2000 each - ¥2,0003 x 50 min Class per week (2 students) ¥2650 each - ¥2,6504 x 50 min Class per week (2 students) ¥3535 each - ¥3,5355 x 50 min Class per week (2 students) ¥4000 each - ¥4,000 Group Classes 3 Students 50 min Class per week (3 students) ¥750 each - ¥7502 x 50 min Class per week (3 students) ¥1500 each - ¥1,5003 x 50 min Class per week (3 students) ¥1900 each - ¥1,9004 x 50 min Class per week (3 students) ¥2500 each - ¥2,5005 x 50 min Class per week (3 students) ¥3000 each - ¥3,000

For more information, please take a look at my website:

How does the Guarantee work?
The guarantee is simple. if you do not pass the spoken element of the IELTS exam first time you can continue your educaton with fast2learn free until you pass.

Plus if you complete stages 1 to 11 of the Callan Method we guarantee you a 7.0 pass on the spoken element of the IELTS test.

What is the difference between writing and speaking or reading and speaking Alan?
Its a good question and the answer is simple. Reading and writing are intellectual skills. They both require you to think and analyse.
Speaking is a mechanical skill. Less thinking and more action.

We don't learn how to ride a bike by reading a manual. We learn how to ride a bike by getting on the bike and peddling, also ridding a bike is easier when you are moving quickly. Its exactly the same when learning how to speak. You must actually speak and speak quickly.

What is the Callan Method?
  Using its carefully designed materials, the Callan Method engages learners developing their ability to understand and speak English instinctively, without first translating from their native language.

The Callan Method involves constant speaking practice. The teacher corrects all errors immediately in a simple and effective manner, helping learners to identify and eradicate their mistakes permanently.

OK Alan so I want to learn how to speak what do I do next?
Book a lesson here on Buddyschool using the calendar below. Or you can purchase Stage 1 on my website ( and get a free one hour assessment in preparation for the course.

What happens if I don't like the Callan Method?
If you don't like the callan Method and you decide to leave before the end of the first stage, just send me a message and I will give you a complete refund. I wont even ask you why you left if you prefer not to tell me


-Or you can contact me via my website:

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Skype ID: fast2learn1975
you can contact me directly using the Skype ID above.