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Certified teachers of Spanish teach standard, Spanish.   have taught different kinds of students: one-on-one classes, group classes, adults, teenagers, beginners, and advanced students. Certified Teachers in Spanish in Schools-Universities  for  25 years .

Throug h-out conversation, you will learn how to speak Spanish fluently using good grammar. Conversation approach will also put emphasis on your listening and writing skills. The use of videos, current articles and other interactive resources so the learning process is fun, and also the blog. Studen ts take  Spanish  programs not only to improve their Spanish Language skills but also to learn about the Spanish speaking countries, their culture and their people. With this course, you will be able to communicate more confidently in meetings, negotiations and social situations,  more effectively with your customers and business partners .Take free lessons for several days, if you like the  classes we can fix a good price per classes for  you. write to m
Write to: Spanish.liveonlin skype:cyberpal21< br />skype: spanishonline2

Experience: 30 years

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Learn Spanish Live Online
¿Por qué aprender español?
  • Es el tercer idioma más hablado en el mundo
  • El español es el segundo idioma más estudiado en el mundo
  • El español es el segundo idioma más empleado en comunicación internacional del mundo y es también una de las lenguas oficiales de las Naciones Unidas y de sus organizaciones
  • Si hablas español, podrás comunicarte con casi 500 millones de personas en todo el mundo
  • Piensa en cuántas posibilidades más de trabajo se te ofrecerán
  • Además, si deseas hacer un viaje a España o Latinoamérica, un conocimiento de español te será muy útil
Learn Spanish live online with a native Spanish speaker teacher, according to your needs, at your own pace in the comfort of your place. Have a private instructor in real time.
Learn useful language as in real everyday situations: social life, work, leisure.
Personalize the language acquisition focusing on the development of proficiency in the four basic communication skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
Practice conversation.
Learn more about our culture as a result of the information exchange.
Develop and enrich your Spanish vocabulary.
Know more about Grammar structures.
Practice pronunciation
Do some homework to reinforce the learning points.
Who is this course for? Any person interested in learning Spanish according to his needs in a dynamic and interactive way.
Prospective students: people getting ready to spend some time in a Spanish speeaking country.
 Spanish - Specially designed for people who need to learn some Spanish as soon as possible to manage in a Spanish-speaking country. Conversation, role-play practice, vocabulary development and grammar are focused on each learning situation:

Duration of the course: Spanish live on line -  is designed to be covered in  class-hours, but we can be flexible about times. Rates:
Take a free one hour trial lesson to test your Spanish level. 1 hours of real-time tuition .
Payments are in advance. Payment by PAYPAL. write to: