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“I did improve my speaking in a very short time”

A rabicSchooling gave me the possibility to continue to improve my Arabic skills on a daily basis. The online method backed by one to one lessons done through skype gave me the possibility to follow the course wherever I am. I would definitely recommend these courses to others.

Philip pe Youssef, Germany


“The right way to improve your Arabic”

Ara bicSchooling is surely one of the most welcoming and rewarding places to improve your Arabic. It was wonderful to get to know that the institute is being run by a staff and a director that takes each person's interest seriously.

Julien Camps, France

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  “One of the Best Decisions that I Have Ever Made”

I found this website to be very easy and user friendly, I did not think I could learn Arabic from the comfort of my own home, but after I found and tried this website, I knew I could learn it. Even though I'm not so fluent in it right now, I have definitely found an excellent website to start learning Arabic. Keep it up!

Daniel Ingram, USA

 < /p>   &ld quo;The website is very good and easy to use”

I would like to learn Arabic because it is an important language. This web site was awesome, because it really helped me to improve every day. It's all about immersion (sound, text, multimedia material) which lets you get to your goal as soon as you can.

Laura Mecloud, Spain


  & ldquo;Inclusive courses with affordable prices”

My objectives are the study of Arabic because I am currently working in Abu Dhabi and I need to be able to speak read and write in Arabic. Unfortunately due to the lack of time I was not able to pursue my study but my experience with ArabicSchooling was very useful.

Sami Asad, Eritrea

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  “2 Months at ArabicSchooling better than 1 Year at University”

The study material is straight forward. Teachers manage to decode Arabic into English. In no time at all I could already say a few sentences and it has only improved since. It has been a nice exchange filled with cultural tips. I do recommend.

Flavia Paw, Brazil

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  “Teachers Focus on Encouraging Students!”

I especially enjoyed ArabicSchooling, because the teachers focus on encouraging students to use the language from the beginning. I was able to overcome my fear of speaking Arabic to others. The program gave me confidence to speak to others in Arabic. Thank you ArabicSchooling!

Taras Czebiniak, USA     &n bsp;

Experience: 9 years

About me

We offer courses for all language levels from complete beginners to highly advanced. We have created highly interactive online courses that fit all needs and age groups in Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian Colloquial Arabic and Quranic Arabic. For more information on our course offerings and services, please visit the following link:
In addition to the online courses, Arabic schooling offers one-on-one speaking classes with highly qualified native teachers. These classes provide you with teacher support that enriches your learning experience, help you learn how to avoid common mistakes when you speak Arabic, and build your confidence and communication skills. Students select the days and times of their classes. To ask for a FREE trial class, please visit:
Upon registration, you will have unlimited access to a course that suits your level. You work at your own pace, based on your schedule.  For information on fees and registration, please visit: