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Electricity and Magnetism, Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves, Thermodynamics and molecular Physics, Optics

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Science / Physics

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nick electreto
country Dominican Republic
languages English, Portuguese, Spanish


. A bachelor's degree in physics and mathematics in the Pedagogical University of Santiago de Cuba. 1977 – 1982. 
. Electronic Technician in the polytechnic institute Mariana Grajales of Santiago de Cuba. 1995 – 1999. 
. Facilitator for the Vocational Training at the vocational training institute in Santo Domingo. 2004. 

Ov ercoming. 
. General physics laboratories at the University of Havana. 1985. 
. Solid state physics at the University of Havana. 1989. 
. Expansion of Physics (electrodynamics and optics) at the University of the Habana.1990. 
. Nuclear magnetic resonance at the University of Havana. 1992. 
. Scientific research methodology Pedagogical University of Santiago. 1994. 
. Methodology for distance learning at the University of the Caribbean, Santo Domingo. 2004. 

Experience: 30 years

About me

I worked for 30 years in the education of young people, I have obtained excellent results in the performance of my students with the application of teaching methods in classes and in the solution of the assignments of physics and mathematics; Although I have taught all branches of physics, I have specialized in electromagnetism, oscillations and waves, and measurement in the laboratory techniques. I have researched on the methodology for the solution of physical exercises and mathematical calculation. In the last fifteen years I have worked as a tutor private physics and mathematics with great satisfaction by the students; in tutoring treatment for the student to learn, above all, procedures, step by step, to get the result, with the use of up-to-date teaching methods.

Job Performance 

. Professor of Physics and Mathematics, and supervisor of laboratories in the Department of Physics of the Pedagogical University of Santiago de Cuba. 1982 – 2002. 
. Supervisor of physics laboratories in the College 'New Horizons' of Santo Domingo. 2003 – 2008. 
. Professor of Physics and Mathematics in the College 'Lux Mundi' of Santo Domingo. 2008 – 2012.
. Tutor in physics and mathematics in the last 10 years.

. Refinement of the model of the professional teaching of physics.
. Development of the energy education to the students through the contents of the science subjects. 
. Measurement of kinetic effects in semiconductors. 
. Publication of essays popularization of science.

. Languages: Spanish (native), English (Advanced) and Portuguese (advanced)
. Use of laboratory equipment.
. Very good knowledge of standard office automation tools.
. Excellent communication for distance education.