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nick lauramayer
country Thailand
languages Dutch, English


I hold a Bachelors Degree in pedagogies/social studies from the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Before I began travelling, I worked for the Institute of Psychoanalysis in Amsterdam, where I gained experience working with families and adults that needed psychological support.

I travelled. Extensively. Through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. And I temporarily lived in some of these countries, mostly in Thailand. 

I am familiar with the “real deal”. Leaving, dealing with goodbyes, making important decisions, and realizing that there will always be alternatives. That there are many ways, and that many things are not in our control. What makes the difference is how you deal with reality. And that being away is not just an escape, but a choice.

Experience: 2 years

About me

Lost your groove and need a listening ear?

My name is Laura Mayer. I offer low-key psychological and personal advice for travelers and young expats in Southeast Asia.

I can help you dealing with issues that are related to travelling/working far from home such as:

-          Dealing with cultural differences on a day to day basis

-          Missing home/real friendships

-          Sickness or grief over a loved one

-          Making decisions -- staying or leaving

-          Dealing with stress that is related to occurrences while abroad

-          Balancing yourself

-          Feeling out of place in any culture: at home and while away.

I am not an alternative healer. I don’t ‘read’ or hypnotize people, and I don’t need any physical contact to support our conversation. I believe in the power of a down-to-earth chat. Mutual respect, and open contact are most important to me. My approach is unpretentious and without any judgments.

Every story, email or question is highly confidential. 

First consultancy is free. I we both think I might be able to help you., we will mutually agree on a lesson plan.