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English from the US from licensed US financial manager and business trainer.

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nick Perspectivecoaching
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I'm a licensed insurance agent in the United States and Marketing Management specialist for blue chip fortune 500 companies also in the US. I've been teaching English and worked as a business for over 12 years.

Experience: 11 years

About me

ATTENTION PLEASE: feel free to contact me on ► SKYPE: bob_perspectivecoaching    (please do not text me hereand  do not book here because I communicate with students through skype, use skype, thank you) ,  I have special inexpensive packages for you.

Hi everyone, I'm a native English speaker and native US Teacher, 15 years' experience teaching English language and Business in compliance with high American standards.
 Study Makes You Stronger and basically makes you perfect! :)

As a business trainer and Marketing manager for blue chip fortune 500 companies I incorporated few more jobs in my daily routine to maximize my potential and
 the potential of my employees in the office and those students whom I teach online and in the classroom. A little bit more about my University studies, I have

Honors in Education & Advanced Certificate in TESOL! Here is the list of the courses I studied to teach: Master of Business Administration also known as MBA, Marketing Management,
IT and technologies - yes I love IT and technologies too!!! and we can discuss different programming tools and apps or I can even teach you how to programme by using popular programming languages for example

Java Script or Ruby and even teach how to build your websites with HTML and CSS, As for now I'm a licensed insurance agent
and have worked a full-time in financial services in the United States, so I have the best material from my job to teach you business at the highest level, isn't it cool?
 Yes it sounds like I've done alot and this is the way to live in the United States, do as much as you can and enjoy the process. For those students who have some additional topics they would like to discuss I can't wait to do it
 and I'm looking forward to great discussions.
I learn few languages myself including Spanish and I really love it, I also understand the difficulties and challenges associated with the learning process and can develop the best teaching course specifically for you
and make sure that you progress fast and you smash all your targets. If you are a student we can also focus on your homework and pay attention to your favourite subjects and if you are a professional we will be focusing

on your career advancement opportunities, on improving your business awareness, business ethic and as I mentioned before I have all the material from my current job for professional business training in: business administration,
marketing, management, leadership,
 international communication & exam preparation, global branding and financial services. Your success will largely depend on your student mentality, Work ethic, Ambition, Social skills and I will make sure that you will succeed.

 my students stay with me forever and ever plus 100 years isn't it awesome? So just schedule the lesson and we will have an amazing conversation i promise.

Let's get to know each other and improve your English language skills!

► SKYPE: bob_perspectivecoaching

How does it work?

My lessons bring together a number of elements and techniques considered essential for effective language learning. Each lesson is smooth, sequenced, logical and well-paced..

 I use procedures, techniques and activities developed to support and consolidate learning and to achieve the aims of the lesson.The combination of thorough theoretical knowledge and first-hand experience in teaching English to a variety of learners of different levels and origins helps me to deal with a multitude of classroom contexts, carefully consider individual students' needs and always ​​respond to them appropriately.


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6 lesson package =$66:  hourly rate = $ 11 




  • ONCE IN A LIFE TIME SPECIAL OFFER ; Buy 20 lessons for only $200, which is $10 per hour.

 (NOTE: all lessons must be taken within a 4 week period)

 60/90/120 minute lessons - it's your choice!

  •         -  firstly, contact me on skype please and tell me briefly in your first message  what lesson packages are you interested in and when you want to begin. I teach all levels and ages of students and look forward to hear from you.

► SKYPE:   bob_perspectivecoaching