Web Application Security

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nick gautammd
country India
languages English


Gautam is a Certified Information Security Expert, with solid 2 years experience in information security.I like to seek vulnerabilities in web applications,systems and report them to specified owner of that application.I do vulnerability assessment,reverse engineering on various applications and systems.

Experience: 2 years

About me

The most advanced course in the world that covers cutting edge of hacking technology. We go deep underground covertly to extract advanced attacks & exploits and work to analyze how hackers operate and present them to defense community. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to think oncrafting your own exploits and attacks on target.

Underground tools and exploits used in demonstration can be downloaded to get your hands dirty with us exclusively

  • Complete demonstration of concepts to prepare you for Certified Ethical Hacker examination (C|EH).
  • This is the most demanded certification in Information Technology and Information Security Field.
  • This course will help you get through the core concept of Information Security and will also provide sample papers on exams.
  • This course will complete most of the concepts needed for the exam with demonstration and will also guide you to prepare for the exam. Remember - "Practical knowledge is more important in the Real World".

Upon completion of this course you'll be able to take exam - C|EH from Pearson VUE. 

Steps to Certification -

1. In order to take the exam, you need to get a eligibility number from EC council. You can apply to get that here -

Eligibility Number - Apply Here

After that, register to take the C|EH exam - Register Here

2. After signing up for Pearson VUE, schedule the exam on the day you would like to take it on.

3. Once you schedule your exam, select the nearest test center available for you to take the exam.

4. After clearing the exam you'll get certified, and you'll be able to apply for jobs or you can create your own security based company.

  • We teach you both side of the coin, that is both Security and Hacking. We will teach you how you can use these techniques to secure yourself from hackers out there.
  • Concepts your going to master, with complete video lectures and exclusive demo on that concept.

Why this Course:

  • Learn real life ethical hacking methodology beyond automated vulnerability scans and simple information security tests.
  • Get your hands dirty with actual hands-on labs.
  • Learn to attack a remote system over the internet exclusively.