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nick englishwithbecca
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I have extensive experience as an English teacher in a variety of capacities. At St. Augustine School, I had the pleasure of teaching English to a large population of ESL students from various countries around Africa. While working as an intern with the English Teacher Collective, I developed specialized curricula and ran a book club which served as conversational English opportunities. Many of the clients that I worked with through this company where from Central and South America. As a middle school English teacher, I took on the responsibility of teaching content to new Chinese student who was still in her silent phase. In all of these circumstances, I have learned how to approach language instruction in a way that is effective and immediately useful to the client.

In addition to my experience teaching English to native and nonnative speakers alike, I have a huge passion for learning in general. My love for learning serves as the basis for everything I do! When I teach, I always try to keep the learner comfortable and encourage them to love learning to.I believe this is especially important when teaching ESL as it can be a very stressful experience for some individuals. To improve comfort, I always try to learn something from my students as well. In my experience, the act of mutual learning creates a stronger relationship between teacher and student, resulting in increased learning outcomes.    

Experience: 5 years

About me

Learning a new language is hard. It's even harder when you are given a standard curriculum! As your tutor, I will develop a learning plan just for you. The plan will assess your existing knowledge, professional goals, and personal goals. Before we begin with the lessons, we will discuss the plan to make sure it will meet your needs!

Each lesson will have a specific learning goal in mind. Depending on your personal plan, this goal may include special attention to vocabulary, pronunciation, idioms, reading comprehension, etc. The lessons will be planned so that your skills are always being reinforced and advanced! Once a month, we will complete a brief, informal assessment which will be used to update your personal learning plan.

In addition to one-on-one lessons, I am available to you during work hours via AIM (instant messenger) and e-mail.