All divisions of Physics, especially Electroncis and Magnetism

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nick ganeshkrajan
country India


M.S. Linked Ph.D. in Nanomagnetism and Nanomagnetic Materials

B. Tech. in eletronics and communication engineering 

Experience: 5 years

About me

I come from a small town called Tellicherry in Kerala state in India. From my childhood I was interested in conducting a lot of science experiments. I had a small lab in my room in where i used to build a lot of interesting electronic circuits. Back then, I had got myself electrocuted a lot of times. Every time my dad bought a new electrical or electronic appliance, I used to open it up. I have to mention that during my childhood I have broken a lot of electronic devices like radios, cordless phones, stereos etc. My parents still encouraged me. So, after school I took up a BTech course in electronics and communication engineering. I got a couple of job offers after that but I wanted to study more. That was when a new Nanotechnology Research Centre was established in my University. Considering my interest and academic performance, my university offered me a scholarship to pursue an M.S. integrated Ph.D. degree in the field of nanomagnetics and nanomagnetic materials. I took up the offer and started working on tailoring the structural and magnetic properties of magnetic thin films and their application in magnetic data storage devices. The head of the research center saw my interest in electronics and instruments and he gave me the responsibility of maintaining all the synthesis and analytical equipments in the lab. He also gave me the opportunity of building up an electron beam evaporation system, a sputter deposition system and a magneto optic kerr effect (MOKE) apparatus. I designed and developed the first two of them and now they are working really well..MOKE is still under construction. I hope it will be built by the time I obtain my doctoral degree. I am currently finishing my Ph.D. (writing thesis) and I was fortunate enough to get 9 papers published in peer reviewed international journals. So, looking back at my childhood.... Breaking up stuff in the past has really helped me build and fix bigger stuff. A big thanks to my parents, teachers and my interest.!