English Conversation: Art, Food, Design, Culture (Native Speaker)

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nick terryonline
country United States
languages English, Spanish


TESOL - Business English
TESOL - Computer Learning
BA degree - Illustration Major, Fine Art Minor, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, USA

Special Method training - Wall Street English - Shanghai, China


I have a lot of education or experience in, and passion for, the following topics:
   • business - IT, web design, social media, advertising, office and
     design software, and special effects industry.
   • copywriting for print and interactive/web media
   • art - fine art, commercial and applied arts, music and dance.
   • culinary art / food / cooking
   • travel abroad - over 12 countries

When I travel abroad, and enjoy getting to know the local people, cuisine and culture.  I've done the following...

 &nb sp; • private English tutoring
   • designed art activities based English workshops for community centers
     in Brazil and Indonesia.
   • private workshops and given group presentations about art, world culture,
     and IT subjects, in the USA, Brazil and China.

Experience: 17 years

About me

I'm a native English speaker from California in America, with a neutral accent, and clear clean pronounciation.

Go beyond general English language topics and vocabulary!  Have fun and gain confidence conversing using vocabulary and ideas that most schools and teachers don't cover.

People who would like these classes: future workers, business owners, students or travelers focused on: art, design, IT Business, food or cultural events.

For example: Chefs, restaurant owners, students at culinary schools or art / design / architecture school, or people who love to try and discuss new cuisines/food, art galleries and cultural events (dance, festivals, etc.)

I can help you to better discuss the following special subjects: business, advertising, design, art, global culture and food.
You will learn how to ask useful and interesting questions, to encourage new knowledgeable people to speak with you and enjoy teaching you new things.  This way, you can learn from others, not just talk AT others!

I can also help you speak more persuasively, and understand advertising and promotional language.





Before our session: 
Please tell me your English level (beginner, intermediate or advanced.)

We can discuss anything about art, food, IT business, or world culture, that you'd like.

But if you would like ideas, please...
* Visit https://www.pinterest.com/cultureswim
• Review the vocabulary and questions of one of the topics provided.
Prepare your answers, and 6 questions to ask me.|

Or ...
• Choose 2 paintings you like and 1 you don't like, and tell me why.... www.wikipaintings.org

During our session:
• We will discuss the topic in a natural fun way.  You will do most of the talking.
• You should ask me at least 6 questions.
• Near the end of our session I will give you feedback and suggestions about your: pronounciation, listening, grammar, and vocabulary, and general story telling and conversation skills.


pay for 3 classes, and get the 4th class free

cancel 24+ hrs before a session, to get a 100% refund/credit*
cancel 2-24 hrs before a session, to get a 100% credit*
no show or cancel 0-2 hours before a session to get 0% refund/credit

Credit must be used within 30 days.