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nick Spanishideas
country Colombia
languages Spanish


Professional Degree in Social Communication and Journalism.

U niversidad del Valle - Colombia

Certi ficate Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language DELE

Universi dad del Valle - Colombia

Inter national Certificate for DELE Examiner level B1 and B2

Instituto Cervantes (2018)

Certifi cate in Pedagogy and Professional Training for (ELE) Spanish Teachers

Univ ersidad de la Rioja - Spain

Certific ate in Creation of Teaching Materials for Online Platforms for Spanish Language.

Ins tituto Cervantes (2017)

Studies in Pedagogical Grammar (ELE) for Spanish as a Foreign Language.

Professional Development Programme of Spanish as a Foreign Language

Univ ersidad de la Rioja (Spain) and Editorial Edinumen

Certi ficate in Busines Leadership.

U niversidad Icesi - Colombia

Engli sh Courses.

Miam i Dade Community College

I'd been working as journalist for magazines and newspapers from Latin America for several years.

At the same time I'm an Spanish teacher. My experience in this matter is ten (10) years.


Experience: 10 years

About me

**SPEAK SPANISH  FLUENTLY**Spanish for BUSINESSDAILY LIFE,  CONVERSATION, Job, MEDICAL PERSONNEL, PUBLIC SPEAKING,  INMIGRATION attorneys, others. Enjoy Spanish! Learn and feel comfortable in Spanish speaker world.  Improve your Spanish communication skills and GRAMMAR. 10 years of experience teaching Spanish. I'm a certified Spanish teacher, native from COLOMBIA and fluent in English.  My name is Elena.

I'm a Certified Spanish Teacher and DELE Examiner from Instituto Cervantes (Spain),  Universidad del Valle (Colombia) and Universidad de la Rioja (Spain). I'm also a citizen from Spain (second nacionality).

I teach my classes online, in person at the university and I offert intensive Spanish courses and cultural tours in Cali, Colombia.

I teach Spanish from Latin America and Spain (Including slang).

      Contact me: lamargarcia1414 (at)

My presentation video:

+ PACKAGE  SPANISH Grammar & Skills Communication.                All levels. Four skills, oral expresion, pronunciation, professional writing and more. Prices & more information, see below.

**NEW  SPECIAL Monthly  PACKAGE:                                 JUST  Professional GUIDED CONVERSATION  PRACTICE                      8 hours per month / 100 US dollars                                        6 hours per month / 78 US dollars                                        4 hours per mounth / 55 US dollars

+ PACKAGE CORRECTION and Editing Spanish texts.                                           1 page / 7.50 US dollars                                                   More than 10 pages / 5 US dollars each.

+ READING WORKSHOP                                                     Come on to reading together. Figurative language, vocabularies, culture, literature and slang. Prices & more information, see below.

       My Spanish tutoring provides:

All the Spanish lessons are tailored according to the student needs and goals.     All levels and all native languages.

Learn to speak Spanish fluently.


Specialized lessons in Spanish for U.S.  STUDENTS.

Lessons for daily life. Modern Spanish for real daily life in Latin America and Spain.

Professional Spanish tutoring for preparation to deliver speeches, workshops and business or academic presentations.

Grammar, reading, writing, slang and pronunciation.

Preparation for job interviews.

Lessons to help Lawyers, PARALEGALS, and  MEDICAL  PERSONNEL comunicate effectively with hispanic clients.

Lessons for ecologists. Enviromental vocabularies and topics.

Literature, cultural and varied topics.

Culture, focus on the dynamics intercultural communication. Information and readings about hispanic world.

Easy comprehension and useful vocabularies.

Focus on regulars and irregulars verbs  

Skills for conversations   

Preparation for your writing and speaking test and DELE examination.

 **** P A C K A G E S   All Levels (Beginner to advanced)***      *************************

Single private lesson (60 minutes) / 17.50 US dollars.

4 Lessons   / 67 US dollars.

8 Lessons   / 128 US dollars

12 Lessons / 180 US dollars (60 minutes lesson per 15.00 dollars)

20 Lessons / 280 US dollars  (60 minutes lesson per 14.00 dollars)

All lessons need to be paid in advance.  

I have a professional degree in Social Communication and Journalism,  a Certificate in Business Leadership and studies in Pedagogical Grammar (ELE) for Spanish as Foreign Language.

10 years of experience teaching Spanish for foreigners in the classroom, online class and private tutoring, in United States, Spain and Colombia.

I offer Spanish for business supported in contents of diverse economics subjects, social approximations and vision of the executive of the 21st century. From my professional experience like journalist, offer consultancy in the design of business and better presentations and strategies in Spanish for the world of the bussiness in Spanish speaking countries.

 Material for classes is included (audios files, readings, my own worksheets, and a book). Material is mailed to you one day prior to your lesson.

My Facebook for Portuguese speakers:

My Facebook for English speakers:

 Страна: Колумбия

Специализация:  Испанский

Образование:   Университет Icesi – Valle - Colombia

Ученая степень: ELE диплом

Стаж: более 9 лет

 Elena профессиональный преподаватель, носитель языка из Колумбии. Имея большой опыт и квалифицированный подход к обучению, Elena поможет Вам чувствовать себя уверено в любой испаноговорящей стране. Преподаватель подготавливает уроки индивидуально с учетом всех пожеланий студента, будь то разговорный курс, или общий для туристических целей. а также бизнес-курс или подготовка к международным экзаменам.