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nick t.cathy
country Philippines
languages English, Filipino


I majored in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Bachelor of Education Major in English.

I have been teaching English online since 2004. I have taught different nationalities like Koreans, Turkish, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, French, etc. of different levels from beginners to advance. 

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Experience: 9 years

About me

     The mission of my English class is to achieve excellence in English - building a strong foundation.

     Lessons are specifically designed for all ESL students of all levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) of different nationalities such as Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Taiwanese, Turkish etc.

     My classes are enhanced with the use of various multimedia formats such as e-books, audio files, videos and video clips, podcasts, music and lyrics and quizzes. My courses are tailored to give students satisfaction to improve their English skills.

     You can easily learn English in a fun and interesting way with a highly-qualified and experienced Filipino teacher. I offer affordable fees yet effective learning. 

     Becoming confident in the basics of English is essential. Conversation (verbal and written) is the best way to learn fast.

     It is a positive learning experience. Try it and book a class now.


Courses Offered:
     This course is offered to beginners who need to learn the basics of the English language. It may be also given to intermediate learners who need to review their knowledge about the English language. It includes lessons and course activities which are conversation, grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and listening.  
     This course is offered to students who have background knowledge of English skills and who want to improve and practice their speaking skills in a discussion format. Lessons are focused on developing reading and comprehension skills as well as speaking confidence, familiarity with common English expressions as used in dialogues, expressing opinions, thought, and feelings.
     This course is offered to help students speak English like those used in everyday life situations through interacting with their teacher. Lessons are focused on improving speaking skills like those used in every real life situation. Topics and materials are prepared by the teacher like short articles, videos, podcasts, pictures, etc. that may be taken from the Internet, books or magazines.



     This course is recommended to professionals or business people who would like to improve their English skills so they can be more effective in the workplace and who would like to improve their Business communication skills and their understanding of global business. Lessons are designed to improve students' English communication skills to carry out general tasks in the workplace. It consists of dialogues, writing and listening exercises. It will also teach students business terminologies, telephoning, presentations and useful phrases and expressions used in meetings or office.



     This course is given to individuals who would like to prepare or improve their scores in the speaking part of IELTS/TOEFL/TOEIC. Lessons are focused on teaching the student how to answer the different kinds of question in the speaking test. Students will learn how to give information, organize their ideas, describe, explain, give opinions, etc.


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