Spanish Official Exam Spoken expression and interaction. Intermediate 1

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nick siembro
country Portugal
languages English, Portuguese, Spanish


I am a certified teacher. Having been teaching for the last 20 years, I have tought in London, England and Lisbon, Portugal. I worked 13 years for the Cervantes Institute in Lisbon where I became an official examiner for the official exams.

I have developed my own courses, and resources. One of the with more than 3000 exercises to help students. I use it to complement my online classes to make sure that the student has what is needed in order to speak better and fluently.

All the students that I personnally trained, have passed their local examinations, university language examination and the DELE examinations.

Currentl y training for the GSCE Spanish to students at an international school in Portugal.

A complete 2 students Spanish course is also available. 2 students for the price of 1.


Experience: 20 years

About me

In this course/class we will practice oral skills to understand the standard language, iwell-known topics related to work, studies or leisure, deal with most of the situations that may arise during a trip to where the language is used, produce simple, coherent oral conversations about well-known topics or issues of personal interest, describe experiences, events, wishes and hopes, as well as briefly justify opinions or explain plans.

We will learn/master the narration in the past tenses and future tenses. Initiation of oral skill to use with the Subjunctive, all of this in a practical manner. Learning to talk, not just learning. 


By the end, you will be prepared to sit the Spoken expression and interaction test, but also you can use this contents to your everyday live, even if you are not sitting the exam.