Learn to speak through reading (tutors: you might want to know this also)

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nick rapid
country Thailand
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I am the founder of the Rapid Language Learning Institute for the research and development of effective ways of learning a foreign language.

I am so hopeless at learning languages that I decided to develop easy ways for lazy people like me to learn. I don't like to study and I already have a busy life, so I don't want to waste hours every day pouring over text books (or dictionaries). I want to pick up a new language gradually over time with as little effort as possible.

That's how I became to be one of the world's experts in "rapid" foreign language acquisition.

"Rapid" is perhaps not the right word. It still takes time - months and years - to learn a language. However, the amount of time that you spend on learning is the absolute minimum possible. I call it the "minimalist" approach to language learning.

So "rapid" really means "minimal".

Please look at www.learnthaionline.co m for details on how you can learn to read Thai in about 16 hours; and then use this as a basis for learning to speak Thai with minimal effort.

Learning to speak well takes a lot longer, because it's a "muscle" skill. Our muscles (and brains) grow like vines. It takes time. But if you train your brain - and muscles - a little bit every day then you end up with a very strong and intricate winery.

By following the Rapid Method, you can be conversationally fluent in three years.

That sounds like a long time... until you realise that you only need to "study" 10-20 minutes per day and work with a language tutor for two hours a week.

And within 6-12 months, you can already speak fairly fluently in many everyday situations. It takes another two years to be able to have intimate conversations and business discussions with your friends and colleagues.

This is what is so remarkable about the Rapid Method. Even if you studied full time at a language school for five years (several hours every day), you wouldn't achieve this level of fluency.

Experience: 30 years

About me

Yes it seems strange...

"I want to make friends and talk to them in English. I don't want to stay at home and read boring books!"

If you learnt English at school then you already know that it is a waste of time to read. It doesn't help you to speak well, right?


The secret is choosing the right stuff to read. What you read in school is academic, boring and irrelevant. You should read fun books like love stories and biographies written in modern, spoken English.

I will explain to you how to learn how to speak well through reading. You will learn how to practice reading aloud to develop your "speaking muscles". And you will find out how to train your ear so that you can understand what people are saying.

You don't need to learn much grammar. Most English people don't know grammar either! But we can speak very well.

The only time you need to understand grammar is if you want to write. If you are learning English, don't waste your time learning to write in English. It takes many years of reading - A LOT - for English people to learn how to write well in their own language!... :o

I don't teach English. I teach you how to learn English.

And I'll tell you which books and movies to read... Yes, you read the English subtitles of movies as part of your listening and understanding training!

I'm expensive. $100 for one hour. Wow!

I might say that I can save you money. But if you want to learn a language, you need to spend money on the right material and the right equipment. It won't be cheap.

However, I will save you from wasting money - and time - on courses that won't work for you.

And once you know how to learn English effectively then you can find a tutor on buddyschool who will help you work through some great books and movies, and even songs and poems...