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  • About Me

Hello! My name is Yuka. I am a 22 years old Japanese teacher.

I am native Japanese who speaks Japanese, English, French and just a litte bit of Norwegian :)

I am very good at teachng Japanese, especially at grammer points and at explaining vocabulary (ex.  the difference of a slight implication between two synonyms). 

Beside my major studies (internatioanl relations), I have studied Japanese teaching and Japanese phonetics at university, and also I have 4 years of experience of teaching Japanese to international students whose Japanese levels vary from 100 to 400.

I speak English fluently enough to teach Japanese to native/non-native English speakers. I went through my studies at university in English, so my English level is enough academic (TOEFL over 600). However, since I am not a native English speaker, I might make some small grammatical mistakes in English, though it doesn't influence the quality of Japanese teaching.

My knowledge of Japanese is very wide and academic, and I have got the 9th place in a national exam in Japanese when I was a high school student. Also I have an experience of working as a receptionnist at an opticien, so I also have a good knowledge of client service manner in Japanese (honorific language etc.).

I graduated Akita International University in the August 2013, and now I am living in France to study French to become an interpretor.

I am very friendly and sincere. I promise you of the improvement of your Japanese with me.

  • About the Lesson

The lessons would be taken on Skype with camera and microphone.

One lesson is estimated to be about 60 minutes, and time schedule would be consulted on e-mail/Skype before starting the lessons.

The level of Japanese of the students would not matter; I would make study plans for each student's level and aims of Japanese study. 

For those who are studying Japanese at school, I would also help you with your homeworks (presentations, essays, etc.). Also, I would support students who are aiming to pass JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test).

For those who love Anime, I can also offer Japanese lessons using Japanese Animes. It would be very fun!

  • Targets

Elementary Japanese (biiginners)

From あ to ん (A to Z), from hello to goodbye. All the essentials of Japanese study.

Daily Life Japanese (biginners to intermediate)


Academic Japanese (intermediate to advanced)

Japanese for Jobs and Business (advanced)