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Friendly and Relaxed English Lessons

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nick E.L.L
country United Kingdom
languages Afrikaans, English, German


I am a native English speaker and a fully qualified and experienced English as a Foreign Language Teacher.  I have a University degree and a CELTA (Cambridge English Language Teaching to Adults) diploma. I have been teaching English for 7 years to various students in different countries and I’ve been teaching online  for about 2 years now.

Experience: 7 years

About me

One to one, FRIENDLY and RELAXED lessons online via Skype:

-with a native English speaker
-with University degree,
-CELTA Cambridge certificate for teaching English as a foreign language,
-7 years experience with all ages, levels and nationalities

Can help you with:
- grammar, reading, writing, conversation, pronunciation, or vocabulary and exam preparation

In the first meeting I will assess your level, talk about what you need to improve your English and briefly discuss the format of the lessons. Then you can decide how many lessons you want to do.

Each lesson is designed specifically for your needs, whether it is English for a job interview or for conversation. I can help with grammar, vocabulary, conversation, writing, exam preparation and more. You can decide what you want to focus on, how long and how often you would like to have lessons. I will guide you on how to learn as effectively as possible.

I feel it is important to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in order to be able to learn well.

I also think the best way to learn a language is to discover a genuine interest in the culture and how the language is used. There is so much to find in English; music, films, most things on the internet and because so many people use it there is endless motivation to be found to learn the language.  I will help you to learn English by finding things that interest you and therefore make learning the language seem more practical and less foreign from everyday life.