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nick Jagz5513
country United Kingdom


Experience: 4 years

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Hi my name is Gino, I’m 25 years old and currently finishing a Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Edinburgh. I am an enthusiastic teacher of maths and science to students of all ages.

I have been tutoring for 4 years now, and in this time I have been helping students to unlock their own abilities by giving them the confidence and support they need to understand course work and tackle examinations. I achieve this by braking down seemingly difficult questions into simpler ones, bringing clarity to the whole situation. Also, as a working scientist I can’t help but stimulate interest to aid the learning process. It is my experience that after a couple of meetings students gain confidence and then begin to make real progress.

As a member of the teaching staff in the Physics department I have been responsible for teaching undergraduate students on a weekly basis since 2009. The topics range from classes taken by new students fresh out of High school to advanced courses in the final year of the Bachelor and Master degree program.

During the yearly Edinburgh Science Festival I help with introducing “High Pressure Physics” to young children and parents. We teach (entertain, to be more honest) young kids using child-friendly experiments designed to illustrate the different properties and uses of pressure.

This experience was very useful in preparing me for a primary school tutee whom I am currently fast-tracking through the standard grade sciences. For this I prepare fun lessons full of kiddie experiments and games to demonstrate various scientific principles. The lessons have been very successful, allowing me to teach the foundations of standard grade maths, physics, chemistry and biology while appearing to be just fun and games.

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Physics - The University of Edinburgh, UK (Ph.D.)
Physics - Imperial College London, UK (Masters)


Julie Myatt,
How has tutoring benefited your child?: "Louis got an A in his higher exam! He couldn't have done it without Gino".
How satisfied are you with the teaching quality provided?: "Very satisfied. Gino is an excellent tutor".
Would you recommend Gino?: "Definitely"

David Scott,
How has tutoring benefited your child?: "My son was in 6th year at school and somewhat struggling with his Advanced Higher Physics (probably heading towards a 'C'). We got Gino in regularly every Wednesday for two months and the turnaround in Adam's work was plain to see. He started to get better results in his tests at school and ultimately improved to the point that he actually obtained an 'A' grade in his final Advanced Higher Physics exam. The end result of all this is that he was able to get the result he required which allowed him to gain entry into the university course of choice".
How satisfied are you with the teaching quality provided?: "I would say that I am very satisfied indeed with the quality of Gino's teaching. My son was very much able to relate to Gino, given his age, and this made the tutoring work all the more easy for him to do, as he was most definitely fully engaged. Gino is very knowledgeable in his subject matter and has a very good manner with his pupils, which puts his pupils at ease and ultimately leads to improved results".
Would you recommend Gino?: "I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Gino".

Allison Thomas
How has tutoring benefited your child?: "Gino explained topics in a fashion which engaged my Daughter as well as improving her understanding".
How satisfied are you with the teaching quality provided?: "Satisfied"
Would you recommend Gino?: "Yes"