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nick cjwilliams84
country Ukraine
languages English, Russian, Spanish


Our focus is on the future success of our students. Our initial campus South of Houston, Texas, focused on teaching English for everyday usage. Many immigrants coming to the area had very little knowledge of English, which made normal daily tasks troublesome. The main objective of our students was to simply learn conversational English. However, after experiencing minor success with their progress in the English language, many of our students pursued English for prosperity in the English speaking job markets and economy.

Realizing that a stronger understanding of English could open a new world of opportunity. They realized that proficiency in English did not just mean they could speak English. They could read, write and even think in English. This not only made them proficient in English, it made them bi-lingual. Many of our former students continued on pursuing their careers with substansial success. Many have gone on to advance their careers to middle and upper-management positions. Many more put their English skills to the test by attending American colleges and universities.

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Experience: 8 years

About me

Basic level English to intermediate advanced English language lessons.

These courses are ideal for students at all levels of English proficency. Each course focuses on five aspects of language that allow students to constantly experience progress in their learning.



  1. Listening (comprehension)

  2. Speaking (phonetics)

  3. Reading (recognition)

  4. Writing (vocabulary building)

  5. Grammar (mechanics)


Providing a stable foundation is the main factor for building a structure that lasts. Therefore, a majority of the lessons are theme focused to help the students understand how the English language relates to the world around them.