Sales Pitch presentation workshop

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30.00 USD /single lesson (60 min.)
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nick mhermanus
country Canada
languages Afrikaans, Dutch, English, French


Oct. 2009 – June 2011 University of Paris - Sorbonne Paris, France
Master of Arts in Archaeology with Honours
Successfully completed a graduate thesis in my second language.

Sept. 2003 – April 2008 Carleton University Ottawa, Canada
Honours Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology
Graduated with Highest Honours. Undergraduate thesis received a grade of A+. Led discussion groups as a Teaching Assistant to clarify anthropology concepts taught in class.

Experience: 6 years

About me

The following course stands to train students how to create and perform a Sales Pitch presentation. Lessons involve reviewing effective formats for Sales Pitch presentations as well as a review of existing sales pitches in order to evaluate why some succeed and why many fail.

Exercises involve regular presentations and correction. These workshops will show presenters how to convince stakeholders and potential investors and gain a sense of confidence through a knowledge of how to speak persuasively in a group setting. 

In this course we examine:

-Presentation skills (behaviour and tone of speech) as they apply with groups in-person and in a virtual context. In short, what makes presenting for a client online different from presenting in front of the potential stakeholder.

- How to frame content in a way that works with your pitch. Grammatical points are explored that help presenters understand how we use grammar and active voice/passive voice sentences. Familiarity versus formal tones and their application.

- Special consideration is paid to the support material used in delivering a Sales Pitch since presentations are often oriented using PowerPoint slides, Poster and/or whiteboards. The various mediums are addressed as part of a lecture on organisation and selecting content.

The methodology for this course has been tested with highly positive results at one of the top business school in Paris, France where I was hired to teach Sales Pitch presentation.