High School English Grammar Lesson #1

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nick cathtutor4u
country Canada


I have had 8 years of teaching experience on English including grammar, literature, etc. Currently, I am a certified Grade 9 English teacher at Churchill Secondary School. I have being working there for 2 year. During the summer when I am not teaching, I tutor at Kumon, a tutoring center. I tutor Grade 8's and Grade 10's on English. I have being working there since 2009. In addition, I have being a teacher on call at various schools including Killarny, David Thompson, Churchill, Point Grey, Eric Hamber Secondary schools and many elementary schools as well. From 2010 to 2012, I was a English teaching assistant at Eric Hamber Secondary School. Through my career, I have gained vast experience of developing my students' knowledge, skills and attitudes on English. 


Moreover, I have exceptional experience with online based teaching systems and a huge knowledge of online tutoring techniques. I am very familiar with various e-learning systems and have the  ability to contribute in e-learning content development projects as an instructional designer. In addition, I am proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. I provide in-depth understanding of the subject to the students while solving assignments and during tutoring sessions. Through my 8 years of teaching, I have learned many ways that students like to learn and I can quickly find out the way students like to learn and I can adjust to that very quickly. I also like to push students a little bit so that it encourages them to work harder and to learn quicker. If I am pushing them too much and the work is too difficult, they can always let me know. Communication is the key! 

Experience: 8 years

About me

Welcome to the first lesson of English grammar! In this lesson, you will be taught the basics of English grammar that are a neccesity for all grades. In this lesson you will be taught:

-subject complements

-independent and subordinate clauses

-adjective and adverb clauses

-compound sentences

-complex sentences

-sentence fragments

-run-on sentences

-verb tenses

-present perfect and past perfect tenses

-past tenses of some irregular verbs

-active and passive voice



-comparing with adjectives and adverbs

-pronouns and antecedents

-relative pronouns

prepositional phrases

-participal phrases