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Leadership Training Certification Program (ePaD)

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nick unnati17
country India
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An alumnus of IIT (Roorkee) & IIM (Ahmedabad) has rich experience of forty years in the corporate world. He has worked with over 200 organizations, helping them realize their vision and achieving breakthrough business outcomes and personal results. Shyam Taneja has worked in dairy, packaging, bearing, oil & gas industries for public sector, private sector, and Multi National Corporations for 27 years before establishing of Unnati Success Academy with an intention to help people explore their potential for excelling in whatever they do. Authored a book ‘Passion’ he has written numerous articles on leadership development. He has various attitudinal processes to his credit.

Experience: 30 years

About me

Good leaders are made not born. Leadership Development at all levels of the organisation is the need ofthe hour.

Leadership Development

Great Organizations Provide an environment Where Leadership Development is encouraged and achievement is measured in terms of Personal Success.

At UNNATI,We believe people are the most important asset of any organization. Psychological studies reveal that most people use only a small portion of their potential. So it makes good business sense to invest in the growth and development of your people. Investment in people will increase organizational performance, profitability.

For more than a decade UNNATI has worked with thousands of people to help them explore & use more of their potential.Our clients include corporate houses as also individual professionals. The measurable unbelievable results have been achieved through a process of Realization and Change – both in habits and attitudes.

We believe Developing Leadership at all levels can take an organization from Good to Great. It is, therefore, a wise investment to help people explore their potential and achieve theirs and organizational vision.

ePaD Leadership Development

"Hyper growth is putting huge pressure on companies… the biggest challenge facing us going forward is dealing with the challenge of internal growth. In the current environment, there is always the fear that jobs grow faster than the person doing them – that is why we spend inordinate amounts of time on leadership development." ~ Ravi Venkatesan, Chairman, Microsoft India

ePaD helps participants realize their untapped leadership potential and explore it for constructive usage- both for personal excellence and achieving organizational vision and goals. We recognize the fact that the people must change their behaviour in order to increase their effectiveness and contribution to self & organization. The process focuses on participants to set and achieve goals ( both personal & organizational), become self – motivated and develop positive self-image.

ePaD Process

The process begins with taking a Focus Goal of the organisation/institution. It is followed by clarification and setting of goals. Professional Goals are set in the direction of the given Focus Goal of the organisation/institution. Participants are encouraged to set personal goals in order to help them become a Complete Person.

Through insightful tools and facilitation, participants are facilitated to crystallise their thinking and schedule specific action steps to achieve their goals and visions for taking up and managing leadership positions future.

Participants develop skills of Leadership, Leveraging, Communication Self-Management, Team – Development and Team – Management, Goal Setting, Prioritisation, Delegation, Effective Group Interactions, Public Speaking, and being a Complete Person.

ePaD is a dynamic process that is on-going and offers long-term dividends for participants and their organisation. Participants begin immediate application of leadership techniques designed to help them change their behaviour and develop habits necessary to achieve predetermined goals.

Action-oriented sessions are held on a weekly basis to share experiential learning and behavioural / attitudinal changes that produce measurable results.

Benefits to Organization

A unique transformation process that has been used by organisations in improving performance. Areas in which results have come in are:

  • Improved Personal Leadership Initiative.
  • Perception shift from thinking to leadership.
  • Improved Team Building and Team Leadership.
  • Improved Relationship and Communication.
  • Increased work capacity.
  • Using full potential of people.
  • Positive Outlook & Looking Inwards.

Benefits to Participant

The process focuses on the individual. It is through improving the individual’s Leadership that the organisational Leadership improves. The areas in which individuals have gained through the process are:

  • Better Team Leader
  • Incorporating Business perspectives in their thinking.
  • Leveraging Time, People, Money & Technology effectively
  • More Focussed & Organised.
  • Structured approach to Goal Planning.
  • Using full potential of people.
  • Positive Outlook & Looking Inwards.
  • Improved Self Confidence.
  • Improved Relationship.