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nick livingbarros
country Brazil
languages English, Portuguese


English Course
I'm Native Brazilian Portuguese.

Experience: 2 years

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Only got a minute?

Portuguese is spoken by over 200 million people across
the globe, with approximately 190 million of these in
Brazil. Already an increasingly-important world economy,
Brazil holds a wealth of diverse interests across a range of
Portuguese has its roots predominantly in Latin,
so if you already know languages such as French, Spanish,
or Italian, you should be able to read Portuguese quite
easily. If you have no prior knowledge of other languages,
you need not worry; regular, short sessions of learning will
help you overcome the basics quite quickly. Many words
are also very similar to English, and spotting the links,
unlocking the code, will give you the confidence and desire
to keep up your learning. My lessons are
designed to do just that: to help you unlock the code
of how the structure of Portuguese works, and to allow
you the opportunity, at whatever level, to progress from
repeating simple holiday phrases to creating your own
sentences and saying what YOU want to say in response
to what is happening around you.

Brazil is a place of inspiring landscapes, a wealth
of culture, and friendly people, and is a wonderful place
in which to try out the language: its laid-back approach
to life cascades over into the way the language is
manipulated. Even with just a few phrases under your
belt, you will be so delighted with the response to your
efforts that you will very easily want to go much further.
Whether you want to be on the sun-drenched beaches of
Rio, exploring the Amazon wonders, joining the Samba
parades in February, or doing business in hi-tech Sao Paulo
or Brasilia, Brazilian Portuguese offers a great new world
of opportunity. And should you take your learning to a
higher level, you open the door to some fantastic Brazilian
literature, song lyrics, films, and authentic recipes for
amazing food. Complete Brazilian Portuguese gives you
the possibility to do all of that with confidence.
Ride the crest of the wave into the Brazilian
way of life, and become part of one of the world's most
fascinating cultures.