Certified English Language Arts Teacher: Get help with your school assignments in literature, reading, writing, grammar, and proofreading!

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nick Fatuma
country United States
languages English


As an education major at Pace University's Pleasantville campus, I gained a lot of experience teaching and guiding students at the middle and high school level in varying locations. As a student teacher, I taught a variety of classes from 8th grade English Language Arts to Freshman Writing Seminar, 10th grade English honors, and 10th grade English co-taught to great success.

**NYS English Language Arts (7-12) Certified**

A dditionally, I worked as a Writing Consultant at Pace University's Writing Center for two years. As a consultant, I assisted my fellow college students at any stage of the writing process whether it right after an assignment is assigned by the professor, brainstorming, research, drafting, revising, or editing.  I also successfully worked with students from ALL majors on assignments from all disciplines, other than English and Literature. Despite the subject of the paper, I was able to help and suggest ways in which the writer could strengthen his or her writing by way of revising thesis statements, organization, wording and expression, content and ideas, correctness, MLA/APA citation and formatting, and research with the goal that the writers would eventually become independent, successful writers.

**Experienced Writing Tutor for College Students**

Lastly, I was both Poetry Editor and Managing Editor of my university's Arts and Literary Magazine. As Poetry Editor, I was responsible for reading 10-15 entries each semester, choosing which poems would be included in the magazine, and proofreading the poems before publication. As Managing Editor, I oversaw the entire magazine from beginning to end. I reviewed the design and proofread the magazine before it was sent off to be printed.

**Experience Proofreader/Editor**< /p>

Experience: 4 years

About me

Are you a middle, high school, or university (undergraduate/graduate) student struggling with reading and understanding your course materials or completing your academic reading or writing assignments, then I may be the right tutor for you.

Or are you a career person looking for someone to proofread your work before it is submitted, then I can help you.


**PREPARED SCHOOL/WORK ASSIGNMENT/PROJECT IS REQUIRED FOR EACH SESSION.** (It can be assignment directions, an outline, draft, piece of literature you need help reading, homework worksheet you need help completing etc. Assignments can also be assigned by me beforehand. Contact for details.)

Lesson Duration: 30 minutes (We will work on improving the assignment that you have prepared.)

(Prices can be negotiated, please contact me to discuss.)

**Classes are paid for in advance.**


Summary of Experience and Qualifications:

- Recent graduate with a Bachelors of Arts in English and Adolescent Education; Cumulative GPA: 3.88
- Certified to teach English Language Arts from grades 7 through 12.
- Experience working with students in middle and high school, teaching English
- Experience working with university students as Writing Consultant/Tutor at my university's Writing Center


Summary of Tutoring Services:

  • Working together on your school reading assignments:
    • learn how to be a critical reader,
    • increase understanding of text,
    • improve vocabulary,
    • and learn to deeply analyze literature.
  • Working together on your school writing assignments:
    • learn how to write more clearly and sophisticatedly,
    • understand and practice each step of the writing process, including pre-writing/brainstorming, drafting, revising, and proofreading/editing,
    • improve writing by focusing on organization, research, word choice, voice, and writing style
    • discover what strategies and tips work best for you and your writing style
    • and/or proofread/edit your writing assignments for you

Payment Methods Accepted:

  • Paypal (Paypal balance or Credit/Debit Card)

(More detailed instructions will be sent after lessons are scheduled. Also, may consider other methods of payment. Contact me to discuss.)

Cancellation Policy:

Lessons must be canceled at least 12 hour before the time the lesson is scheduled in order to receive a full refund.